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Now that International Women’s Day is coming up, I have the perfect playlist for you to listen to. I have made a list of 10 songs that will boost your confidence to the MAX! The playlist is perfect if you recently came out of a relationship, situationship, romance.. you name it (or if you just want something to listen to while you’re slaying life as single, this playlist is for you too). I usually listen to these songs when I want a reminder of who I am and that people, or guys, in particular, do not mess with me and any of my girlfriends. 


#1 Confident – Demi Lovato

This song screams confidence, literally. The intro gives me the best confidence boost, and I can just visualize myself walking in the middle of the road, flipping my hair in slow motion. As Demi sings in the song “I’m the boss right now,” it serves as a reminder that no one is taking the position as the boss in my life except me. We all need to stop thinking badly about ourselves and start acting like bosses because “what’s wrong with being confident?”

#2 Ridin’ Solo- Jason Derulo

This is the best song to vibe to when you’re single, no doubt. This song really puts the benefits of being single in the spotlight. Derulo sings, “finally doing me, and it feels so right, time to do the things I like.” The song points out that I have to put myself first because I am the most important person in my own life. I need to both love and be comfortable with myself before I can do the same with another person. And to point out something Derulo sings, I knew single could feel this good because I got my sh*t together, and I’m ridin’ solo. 

#3 Play w/me – Bailey Bryan

To be honest, I think our generation has really messed up the beautiful dating culture our parents and grandparents introduced to us. Hookup culture, really? Why is it so fun to talk to someone, lead them on, and then dump their ass after they caught feelings? In this musical piece, Bailey Bryan is doing us all a big favor by putting the guys in the hot seat. “Tell me why you’re thinking you can come around me, with all this different, always switching energy.” I’m not interested in spending time and energy on someone who is not planning on staying. “Boy, you don’t see, you play yourself when you play with me.”

#4 STFU – Julie Bergan

This is probably one of my favorite songs, and it’s not because the artist is Norwegian. STFU is about a girl who realizes that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, and she throws him out of her life. I don’t want people who are lying to my face in my life. Losing a friend or a partner to lying is hard, but it will also show you that they are people it’s not worth keeping in your life. “The only good thing you can do to me now is shut the f*ck up and get the f*ck out.”

#5 Power – Little Mix (feat. Stormzy)

Little Mix is the definition of a band full of strong, independent, and powerful women. They use their voices to really encourage their audience to step up and take control. The majority of their fans are females, which is why I think their music really fits the feminism vibe. As women, we can often get misunderstood and looked at as weak and emotional, but that is wrong. “When them boys talk loose and tell you power’s for a king, you just play it cool and tell’em power’s not a thing.”

#6 Vacation – G.R.L.

This song is the ultimate song to listen to together with your besties. “Vacation” will always make it clear to me that my girls will always have my back, no matter what. If you have recently experienced heartbreak, I would advise you to listen to this song rather than listening to all the sad breakup songs, like Driver’s License and WITHOUT YOU. I’m going to tell you a secret; although it might feel nice to listen to songs that describe your exact feelings, it won’t help in the long run. Listen to songs that make you happy and that reminds you of the beautiful and happy person you were before someone broke your heart.

#7 Born This Way – Lady Gaga

Exactly what the title states, you and I are all born this way! Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re a mistake or not worth anything because that is by far the biggest lie I have ever heard. It is like Lady Gaga sings; “I’m beautiful in my way, ’cause God makes no mistakes,” whether you believe in God or not, you still came to this world for a reason. Every time I listen to this song, I get inspired to be myself and to love myself for who I am. 

#8 SO DONE – The Kid LAROI

I’m not lying when I say that I have played this song on repeat so that I could tell myself that no guy is worth fighting for if he doesn’t give anything in return. “I think that it’s time for you to realize that I’m not gonna be here forever.” I’m not interested in spending any time on not only boys but also friends who just keep me around for their own good. Any relationship should both give and take, and I’m done with people who are just taking and not giving. “I’m done, so done!”.

#9 Shout Out To My Ex – Little Mix

Little Mix has too many of the good ones to not include one more. This song is perfect if you are a little salty about your ex. Stop blaming him for the heartbreak, and start thinking about who you would have been without it? “Shout out to my ex, you’re really quite the man. You made my heartbreak, and that made me who I am”. I’m not saying that you should forgive your ex, but in many cases, a heartbreak will change a person for the better. Let it go and move on, girl. “I’m all the way up, I swear you’ll never bring me down.” 

#10 Wannabe – Spice Girls

I could not make a girl power playlist without including Spice Girls. “Wannabe” by Spice Girls will always give me a reminder of not forgetting about my friends. Who is gonna be there for you after a breakup if you don’t take care of the relationship you have with your friends. Also, they are often the ones who know you the best out of all people in the world, which can really help you whenever you’re looking for someone special. “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Make it last forever, friendship never ends”.


Hellooo!! My name is Helene, and I'm a junior (academically ;)) ) majoring in Multimedia Cinematic Production here at HPU. I'm originally from Norway, so that explains all of my spelling mistakes ++ I'm really excited for my first year as a writer for HC, and can't wait to write for someone else other than my professors!
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