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Top 5 Boba Shops To Visit Right Now

Anyone who knows me is aware of my boba addiction. I get boba two to three times a week because I just can’t stay away. Here are my top 5 favorite boba spots on Oahu that I hope you get to try!


1.Mr. Tea

My personal favorite because they stay open pretty late and you can never go wrong with whatever you order. Even though I have a go-to order, I usually switch every so often. They are also known for their special cereal smoothies, like their Fruity Pebbles drink which is so good. 

Go-to order: Earl Grey Milk Tea w/ boba and coffee jelly


2.Hana Tea

I’m gonna be honest- it’s the cups for me. They are always busy with lines out the door, but due to the pandemic you can either order online or call in. They’re known for their brown sugar milk tea and even have cheese foam which is like creme brulee. 

Go-to order: Brown Sugar Milk Tea w/ boba


3. Teapresso

I actually used to work here and it was pretty fun being around boba all the time. There are many locations close to campus and there’s even one right at ATM and don’t forget to ask for the student discount!. The best part about Teapresso is everything is fresh and you can watch them brew the tea right in front of you. 

Go-to order: Matcha Latte Milk Tea w/ boba (sometimes lychee jelly)


4. NIO

In terms of the prettiest drinks, it is definitely NIO. But also how convenient it is to campus as well as the special drinks they have like the Tiger Amber Boba, Tiger Ube Boba, and the Matcha Lovers which are definitely Instagram worthy. 

Go-to order: Tiger Amber Boba


5. Taste Tea

This is my go-to whenever I’m at Waikele because they have a truck there! At other locations, they even have snow ice and honey toast! 

Go-to order: Classic Milk Tea w/ mini boba (Although, I recently tried the chocolate strawberry milk tea and I think it’s my new favorite)


I was born and raised as a military child allowing me to live and travel all over the world to places like Japan, Italy, and California to name a few! I moved to Hawaii in 2015 and graduated high school in 2017 and decided to stay on this beautiful island for college. I am currently a junior at HPU majoring in Mass Comm and minoring in Gender & Women's Studies! My dream is to work in social media/advertising/PR within the music industry one day. I love going to concerts, raves, and boba!
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