Solo Date Tips

I know we all get consumed with the pressuring feeling that we have to have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with. Take this opportunity to work on yourself and take yourself out on a date! During this pandemic, a lot of us have had a roller coaster of emotions and lost a little self-love. Here are my tips and spots for a solo date!

#1: A Cute Cafe

An aesthetically pleasing cafe is the perfect start to Valentine’s Day solo date. Because of the pandemic, you can no longer sit down and drink a coffee inside, (depending on the size of the cafe)but you can totally take some Instagramable pictures!  Many cafes have adorable special holiday items with flavors like red velvet or strawberry.

Do not be afraid to sit alone! I find that a lot of people hold themselves back from going out to eat alone without another person because they think everyone will stare at them and judge. Trust me, you are not the only person going to an establishment alone, even on Valentine’s Day.

#2: Get Your Hair Done

Everyone could use a blowout! Lucky for Hawaii Pacific University students, there is a Drybar right in Kakaako! Drybar is a California-based hair salon chain that specializes in blowouts. They serve water to all clients, and you can also order alcohol if you are 21 and over. The staff is friendly, and the interior is colorful with vibrant touches of yellow and white. There are 9 styles to choose from. You can even add braids and other special add-ons like a charcoal scalp scrub for an extra $10. The base price is $49. What I love about Drybar is that it doesn’t matter how long or how thick your hair is, the price stays the same. I even saw three stylists working on someone’s hair. I’ve been going there for over 2 years now and I love it!

#3: Play Computer Games

Keep things pandemic-friendly, and play some computer games! A new game that I recently found is called GeoGuessr. Geoguessr is a game that uses random Google Street View images, and you have to guess where in the world that place is. It is a super fun game that has kept me entertained for a while! One time, I thought the street view was of a place in Australia because it was by the coast. Turns out, it was in the UK! The game helps to build your context clues skills

These are just a few of my tips on how to have a fun Valentine’s Day by yourself! Take some time to breathe, treat yourself, and get to know yourself. There is no need to wait to be asked to be someone’s Valentine when you can be your own!