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Remote and Essential Jobs for College Students That You Qualify for Now!

One of the biggest concerns for college students is finding work during a pandemic because some businesses are forced to close up shop until the pandemic passes over. Nowadays working remotely is the way to go to bring in income for yourself and your family, but there are still non-remotes places hiring that are considered essential. Here is a list of both remote and essential jobs available and perfect for college students.

Remote Jobs:


Online Tutoring: Pays $11-13/hr

Sites like Tutor.com are currently hiring tutors in subjects from Math to Essay Writing. No teaching experience is required just a High School Diploma and knowledge in the subject you're interested in tutoring in.


Freelancing: $5-$2000/ depending on job

As a college student, you probably already know how to write effectively and persuasively, so why not get paid for it? Sites like Fivver.com and Upwork.com there are clients who are looking to pay anywhere between $5- $2,000 for freelanced work depending on the job. Some jobs may take only a week or two to complete, while other projects take up to 6 months.


Blogging/Affiliate Marketing: Commission rates are different per program and item

Working from home is ideal in today's environment, but working for yourself is even better, especially for college students. If you enjoy writing and sharing your experience/advice, blogging is a great way to bring in income and can easily be applied to your everyday life after COVID.

When you blog, you can start working with affiliation programs such as Amazon or Rakuten. Affiliation Marketing is basically advertising products you love using and receiving a commission for every sale that is made through the link you provided.


Essential Jobs:


Target: $15/hr

As most places are closed, Target is considered an essential workplace. Target is currently accepting, reviewing, and hiring new employees as we speak. Other retail stores that are currently open are receiving applications but won't be reviewing them until later this year.


Doordash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats: $11-$13/hr

With small businesses needing support and government officials recommending that everyone stay home Doordash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats have been the perfect middle man to help get people their food. All you need is a driver's license, a year's worth of driving experience, and a vehicle. Not to mention, drivers for these apps make tips on each delivery, which is always a plus!


Amazon Delivery Service: $15-$20/hr

Everyone is home and online shopping to get the non-essential item they need. With sales going up and Amazon trying to prioritize health and wellness products, they are hiring individuals to pack and wrap packages or simply just deliver in your area. All you need is a High school diploma.

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