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January flew by and it seems like graduation is just right around the corner – I am actually more scared than excited. These fears are not so much out of my control but more of just moving parts of life.

Finding a job

I know that when I graduate I will need to start taking an initiative to start paying for my bills and life necessities myself, which I am completely fine with but financial stability is not, for lack of better words, stable yet. I feel like this is a fear that most soon-to-be graduates have because it is a big step from having either your parents or loans cover living expenses, books, transportation etc to having to segment your paycheck towards payments.

Moving in with a SO

I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend in a few months and I am beyond scared of this milestone in our relationship. It is probably the most bizarre thing to hear from someone who has been in a relationship for four years, but I think my fear is that our relationship is going to change. I have this stigma that you get to know someone really well when you move in with them and I just do not want our personalities clashing.

Finding new hobbies to fill in the holes

Without college taking up most of your time, it is going to be hard to adjust to a lifestyle in which I have more free time. I fear that I will not take advantage of this free time because it is so nice to be able to have some time to relax and lay low at home that I won’t go out and explore the world.

Now that I have written out my fears, they do not seem so bad. I feel that these fears are really just adjustments that most people have to make throughout their lifetime. I hope this helps you reevaluate those fears and to realize that it’s okay to have them!

Mariah is 21-years-old senior at Hawaii Pacific University, majoring in Mass Communication concentrating in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring Marketing. On her free time, she likes to join extra-curricular activities at HPU, go to the beach, and hang out with her friends and family.
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