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How to Make a Halloween Charcuterie Board

Halloween is all about the treats and costumes. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, trick or treating and group activities have been postponed this year; however, that does not mean that Halloween is canceled. There are plenty of things you can do at home to get into the Halloween spirit. Since I am a big fan of snacks, I think the best way to celebrate Halloween is by making a charcuterie board filled with your favorite sweet and savory treats. You can do a small tray for yourself, or if you live with roommates this could become a group activity!

First, I suggest that you think about what treats you would like to include. You can choose to have only sweet treats like chocolate, candy, rice krispies, and cookies. Or you can opt for a more traditional charcuterie board by choosing to have a plate filled with meats, cheese, dip, and crackers. You can always do a sweet and savory; just remember to include your favorite Halloween goodies! 

Next, once you know what type of snacks you would like to include, I suggest you think of decor. Decorating your charcuterie board is the best part because you get to make it Halloween themed. You can choose what route to go, if you want to make it scary, I suggest using fake spiders, skulls, or a skeleton for decorations. By positioning meats and pickles inside a skeleton’s stomach, you can create the illusion that the food is the intestines of the skeleton.

If you prefer to get into the Halloween spirit in a non-scary way, I suggest using mini pumpkins and fruit for your charcuterie board. You can even cut out pumpkins and make them bowls for snacks or dips; the fruit decor adds a fall touch to the board. Overall, you can be as creative or simple as you want; as long as it looks good to you, that is all that matters! For inspiration for your Halloween charcuterie board, check out my Pinterest board

The best part of making a Halloween charcuterie board is that you can eat it or gift it! Since Halloween will be celebrated at home this year,  you can opt for a relaxed Halloween celebration and have a Freeform marathon while snacking on your charcuterie board. If you live with multiple people, then this will be a great staple for a get together along with board games. Let’s not forget that we still have the outdoors, so you can always do a picnic style Halloween celebration and show off your amazing Halloween charcuterie board. If you do end up making a creative and delicious board, please tag us on Instagram because I would love to see it! Have a safe Halloween!

Kati Echeverria is a first-generation college student currently working on her M.A. in Strategic Communication at Hawai'i Pacific University. She has extensive knowledge of multiple subjects, including health, politics, and self-development. She aspires to help young adults navigate their college life and reach their goals.
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