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How to Have a Cute, but Safe Belated Galantine’s Day With Your Roommates

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at HPU chapter.

Did Valentine’s Day slip your mind this year? The pandemic and stress from college life can easily cause us to forget the days, but that’s alright! Here are 9 different ways to help you get back into the spirit and celebrate a belated Galentine’s Day with your favorites.

  1. Bring Out Your Inner Gordon Ramsey: Get everyone together to make cute desserts and snacks like popcorn, cupcakes, or chocolate-covered pretzels. Or go to your local grocery store and make a charcuterie board for a picnic. You can even buy ingredients to make personal pizzas; there’s so many possibilities! 

  2. Dinner Date: If you don’t feel like cooking, use this opportunity to support local businesses and order some take-out. Get you and your roommates a full Hawaiian feast or something special for everyone. Or better yet, try out a new place or some new types of cuisine. See what you can find! 

  3. Movie Night: You can find affordable projectors online, so get together with your roommates for a fun movie night! Whether rom-coms, horror, or comedy, you’re sure to have a great time with your friends safely. Or bring in Option 1, and make some cute themed popcorn or candy to snack on. Spend time together in your pj’s to relax and unwind after your days of studying.

  4. Mask: To encourage Covid safety, you can get together to decorate some masks to keep you and your roommates safe. Or, if you really want to go all the way, create some matching masks to take photos in or wear out together. Masks are a fun way to show some of your personality while also keeping you safe, so why not decorate them with the ones you love!

  5. Care Packages: If you’re not into the whole group thing, you can put together little presents for your roommates. Find affordable themed boxes at Walmart or Target, and fill them with the cutest candy and even some hand sanitizer for everyone. Don’t be afraid to personalize it either, and maybe include cheesy lines from their favorite shows and movies. 

  6. Ride or Dies: If you and your roommates want to get away from the whole “love” theme this holiday, make an anti-valentine’s day playlist to listen to while you go for a fun drive around the island. You can even use it to spend bonding time with each other to clean the dorm. Karaoke is even a fun option! Whatever the occasion, music will make it ten times better.

  7. Secret Admirer: To make things a little more fun, you can do a spin on Secret Santa. Assign each person to another roommate and get the chance to play cupid! Make it a long week thing, with smaller gifts leading up to a large one, or just a box full of goodies for a day. Get creative with it and think of personalizing each surprise; it will definitely make your roommates smile. 

  8. Playful Photoshoot: Sometimes, the safest thing to do is to just stay indoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of quality time! Gather everyone in cute pajamas with some fun Valentine’s accessories and take some group photos. Or put on your cutest outfit and use decorations from around your dorm like fairy lights. Get creative with it! 

  9. Supportive Gals: Take turns pampering each other! Do some group face masks or just talk skincare for a while. Paint each other’s nails and find cool new designs on Pinterest to try out with each other. Or just take this time to unwind and have some nice conversations with your supportive roommates. 

Los Angeles -> Honolulu I am a first-generation college student born and raised in Southern California. I'm currently majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing at HPU and love my life on Oahu! My dream job would be working on an NHL social team due to my combined love of photography and hockey.