Halloween Fun Fest

          Hawaii Pacific University put on their annual Halloween Fun Fest hosted by the campus activity board (aka CAB) this past Friday, October 25, at Aloha Tower Marketplace. Clubs hosted a game booth and students came out with their most festive costumes. Many professors came with their family and so did the local community. The free pizza, soda, and cotton-candy which light up was a huge hit for everyone. People raved about radio personality Rella from 102.7 Da Bomb who was the MC of the night and others pondered over their palm readings. HFF was a great way for students to have fun with their friends and put on an amazing event for the community.


            Her Campus HPU and Akamai club both rebooted their chapters this year; Akamai is a marketing club. Together we joined forces to put on a game booth of the long-told story of the superhero versus villains. Each person who came to the booth got either a superhero or villain name based on their initials (mine was “The Dark” for J and “Lord” for M = “The Dark Lord”). After, the participants got their names they were broken up into two teams. Each hero got a pumpkin to knock-down the villain figurines and the villain would knock-down the hero figurines. After playing the game, people could take pictures at the photo booth. There were many heroes, villains, princesses and mummies that battled it out on the game field and took a victory picture after.


           This was the very first event for HC since we rebooted. The officers had a great time planning the HFF game booth and we cannot wait for the next event. You can check out some of the photos if you search up #HPUHFF and #HPUHCSPOOKYSZN on Instagram. You can also check out HPU’s HC chapter on Instagram @HPUhercampus. Overall HFF was a great way for clubs to give back to the community, a safe place for families to celebrate Halloween and exciting events for students to participate in.