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Finding Yourself with the International Club

My name is Rachel, the President of Hawai`i Pacific University’s International Club. I come from the small island of Guam, not too far from here and I am a junior studying Public Health over at the Hawai`i Loa Campus. My desire in becoming President of the club comes from the “want” to learn more about other countries, learn their traditions, try authentic foods, practice their language, and to meet our international Sharks that study with us here at HPU.

As the International Club’s President, I promise to help educate and provide opportunities for the HPU community to become culturally immersed in our unique environment and allow our students to appreciate and understand cultures from all over the world.

So, let’s get down to it. Why would you want to be part of the International Club? It’s simple! Being an International Club member includes planning fun events, activities, connecting with other international students, being active in our college community, and creating lifetime friendships with people around the world! It’s an extremely unique club that allows you to explore the different cultures without spending all that money to travel.

The International Club goals include: To provide a forum for the interaction of local and international students; To connect and network with all the Sharkys at HPU; To plan and participate in social, cultural, and educational events and activities; To be diverse in learning different languages, cultures and their traditions; To experience tasting authentic and exotic foods; To help assist new international students in adapting to college life; To be featured in the HPU O`hana News and other HPU social media; To be active the HPU college community; And to create lifetime friendships with Sharks from around the world.

As world travelers, near and far, we are all connected regardless of country of origin or religion. Hawai`i Pacific University is home to more than 600 international students and scholars each year, representing diverse cultures and viewpoints from over 80 countries. By becoming an International Club member, you will get the Sharks to acknowledge that. 

If you are interested in becoming an International Club member or know anyone else who would want to be part of this resume-enhancing club, please direct them to our sign-up sheet at OISS & Study Abroad Office at UB 200, or they can sign-up directly through our Instagram (@hpu_oiss) or our Facebook page.

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