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This year marks a unique year where there’s no such thing as special holidays or gatherings due to  COVID-19 restrictions. This makes it hard to do gatherings and go to the pumpkin patch to pick your pumpkin, as well as have a night to decorate it at home with your friends and family. Although we have many restrictions, we now live in a world where technology can connect us with the ones who mean the most to us (in a socially distanced and safe way!). You should utilize this to have a COVID-free pumpkin carving party experience!  While many local pumpkin patches are closed, you can go to your local grocery store and find pumpkins there! Here are three unique designs you can try during your socially distanced pumpkin carving party! 

For this first design, you’ll need 1 pumpkin of your choice and 1 butter knife or any sharp item that will be helpful to scrape some of the pumpkin skin off. Now that you have the materials on deck, you’ll want to be in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and preferably be in an area where you can easier clean up after yourself. Now, we will begin with your butter knife or any sharp item you have and begin by outlining a square on your pumpkin, square as in vertical, make it big and wide so you’ll be able to scrape the pumpkin skin. Next, you will now start scraping to your liking but don’t scrape too far into the pumpkin just enough so that the pumpkin marking of where you outline the pumpkin is visible. After you scrape the pumpkin, you will now begin to make the mason jar, so again outline the mason jar and start outlining the cup part and then form the edges and fix it up to your liking. After that, in the middle, you will put “BOO” in cursive or in regular font. 

For the next design, you will need 1 pumpkin, 1 Elmers glue or super glue, and 1 butter knife or sharp-pointed object. To begin, make sure you’re wearing clothes you’re comfortable in and can get dirty. Also, make sure to be in a space where it easy to clean up after. We will now begin with the pumpkin carving, first, you’ll get your butter knife or sharp pointed object and start outlining the windows, the 2 circles on the bottom of the pumpkin, the mouth area, the Volkswagen logo, windows, and the back area. After you outline everything we will focus on one item at a time. First, we will focus on the back area in just making a square, and then we will move to the front and begin by taking our sharp pointed object and removing the pumpkin skin off and focusing it by making the square aka the two windows even and then scrape some more towards the front and scrape until the orange skin is not there anymore but don’t shave all the way and then put the Volkswagen logo v and w together and outline that as well after that you’ll want to put 2 circles on the left and the right and lastly you’ll draw out a huge rectangle mouth and scrape as well.

For the last design, you’ll need 1 pumpkin, 1 butter knife, or a sharp-pointed object. Make sure you’re in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in and also have an area where it is easy to clean up after yourself. First, we will be outlining Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, we will take our pointed sharp object and begin outlining the Eeyore face, his hair at the top, eyes, nose, and ears. After you had the semi outlining down we will now go back and start actually getting in there so we will start with the hair at the top and scrape it to like a palm tree except there no long stem of the palm tree and once you took the piece out of it, we will move on to the eye area and shape his eyebrows and little eyeball. After that make the stitches going down his nose and make his mouth as well. As we outline the pieces, take out the pumpkin piece as we’re left with only the outline and shape of Eeyore and now move on to the ears and you’re done. 


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