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Countdown to Graduation Be Like…

Let’s be honest – even if you’re a freshman right now, high school graduation probably seems like a lifetime ago. For me, as I approach May 10th aka college graduation aka the first day of the rest of my life aka AHHHHHH – I am experiencing some feelings that I had forgotten about over the last four years; senioritis, general feelings of self doubt and simultaneous excitement, and a sense of impendign doom as the future happens right before my eyes, are all things that I am going through right now.

Last semester of college:


From the first day of the spring semester, you may begin to notice things and events around you, even the most mundane, and have a stark realization that THINGS ARE HAPPENING FOR THE LAST TIME. Last first day of classes, last syllabus week, last time of hoping there’s a cute boy in each of your classes as you attend them for the first time – and even though I personally am attending graduate school next year and will technically have more of these experiences, I still feel like I am trying to appreciate them as I approach the dreaded last day of my favorite classes, last day of my extracurricular activities, and *sobs* my last Her Campus article.


A little bit of acceptance comes into play as the semester settles in – things are ending, it’s okay, life moves on. This was a time of great reflection for me, where I thought about the last three years of my life and how it will probably never be anything like this again. That’s a happy, scary, and nostalgia-inducing feeling – I am excited to leave Hawaii and start a new adventure but I thought a lot about the things I will greatly miss and the things I want to do before I leave.


With the semester about halfway over, March feels like there is still plenty of time before graduation. Buuuuuut, then the 31 days of March are over in about what feels like a week and a half (I think spring break has something to do with the destruction of the space time continuum) and all of a sudden – IT’S THE LAST MONTH OF SCHOOL, EVER. 


Somewhere in all this mess of a semester, senioritis has kicked in – and HARD. Maybe you’re the type of person who was always an “in the shadows” student, or maybe you were super involved and showed up to every class every day – but either way, you’ve probably disappeared off the face of the planet. Now, this is hypothetical because April hasn’t happened yet, but I am going to be an emotional wreck this last month. If you think about it, there’s probably one single thing in your college world that will be a super sad and dramatic “last event” for you – for me, it will be my last ever choir concert. I’m not usually a super emotional person, but I am SO going to cry.


That’s it, folks! YOU (and by you I mean me, and you if it applies to you) ARE A COLLEGE GRADUATE. Congratulations! Hang your diploma on the wall, throw your textbooks in the trash can (sorry mom), and celebrate!



Katrina Hicks

Northwestern '19

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