5 Coffee Shops You Need to Try at HPU Downtown Campus

If you're like me, coffee is your life source. You struggle to get up in the morning without a much-needed cup of coffee...or two. You can be found sipping on an iced grande Caramel Macchiato at any given time of day and you get excited when someone asks "Wanna go get coffee?" Whether it’s an iced cold brew, a double shot espresso with soy, or a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, we all need a little boost to start the day. So where are all the cute coffee shops around campus? Here’s a caffeine-lovers guide to coffee shops around Hawaii Pacific University’s Downtown Campus.

1. Wanna try 100% Hawaii-grown coffee?

Downtown Coffee Honolulu

Located at 900 Fort Street Mall #100

If you have class at Pioneer Plaza on Fort Street and want to try local Hawaiian coffee, check out Downtown Coffee Honolulu! It’s a quick to-go coffee bar that’s open until 5 p.m. on weekdays.  They have coffee from all over the Hawaiian Islands and their staff is super friendly!

2. Have the munchies?

La Creperie Café

Located at 1160 Fort Street Mall

Nutella, strawberries, and banana crepes? I think yasssssss. Along with sweet and savory crepes, this café also has espresso, coffee and teas to satisfy everyone’s craving. Try out La Creperie Café right next to HPU Downtown’s Model Progress Building!

3. Feeling a sophisticated Nitro Cold Brew?

Brue Bar

Located at 1164 Bishop St.

Looking for a Nitro Cold Brew to keep you up and at 'em? You can find that at Brue Bar in the Upper Bishop building of HPU’s Downtown Campus. This sophisticated coffee shop has different coffee every day so you can try different brews on the daily.  They serve coffee in cute cups and have free wi-fi! It’s the perfect place to set up shop and do work before they close at 4 p.m..

4. In love with bubble milk tea?

Teapresso Bar

Located at 1088 Bishop St. #101

If you’re into organic coffee options, try this coffee bar right near Meader Library at HPU Downtown! In addition to offering organic coffees, Teapresso offers frappes, lemonades, smoothies, slushes and custom bubble milk teas. Yum alert!

5. Let’s not forget, It’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Season!


Located at 1000 Bishop St. #104 & 130 Merchant St. #111

If you love espresso, ask the baristas to make you a drink called “The Undertow.” It’s a layered drink with cold milk and your choice of flavored syrup on the bottom topped with espresso. The flavored cold milk chases the freshly-brewed espresso, and it’s so good!