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5 Small Changes That Made Me Feel Like a Badass

I told myself that this year is the year that I am going to get myself into self-care and self-love. I feel that since I am getting older and I am kind of getting my priorities straight, I need to focus on improving myself and figuring what actually helps me to be a better person. Here are some small changes i’ve made in my life to help me feel more like a badass.


1. Bettering my work environment

I recently got a new job and this has tremendously helped with me feeling happy. I have more free time and my coworkers are extremely supportive of me still attending college while working there. I know not everyone has the opportunity to just quit their job, but if you can find a passion that can make you happy and surround yourself with other people who like doing the same thing it can be amazing!


2. Working out

After starting my new job I had more free time on my hands and this allowed me to start working out. Trust me, I know…working out is not for everyone – but I swear, just going to a local gym and doing cardio or even using the cable machines can help boost your mood.


3. Drink more water

This is so cliche, but I’ve been making it a habit to be more hydrated and I noticed that my breakouts have reduced and I have less headaches overall.


4. Sleeping more

I have been getting more sleep nowadays, and I regret using coffee as a way to stay up throughout the day; not being dependent on coffee so much has saved me so many trips to the bathroom!


5. Hanging out with my friends more

I AM A FLAKER. I just need to put that out there – I hate going out, I would much rather lay at home and watch TV but now I keep telling myself to be around people and have social interactions, and now I feel like my social anxiety has decreased.


Getting out of my comfort zone and just being open to new things that I know will better myself has changed my life. I encourage you to find things you “think” will make you happy, and you never know what can change your life and help you create good habits!

Mariah is 21-years-old senior at Hawaii Pacific University, majoring in Mass Communication concentrating in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring Marketing. On her free time, she likes to join extra-curricular activities at HPU, go to the beach, and hang out with her friends and family.
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