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Who Won the Brandy ‘Verzuz’ Monica Battle?: The Final Verdict

"That was the most amazing show ever!"


"Brandy, for the win."


"It's Monica's hands down!"


That Boy is Mine, Angel of Mine, Always on My Mind, I Wanna Be Down, and Brokenhearted are just a FEW of the hits that were played during the live-streamed Verzuz battle on Monday, August 31, 2020. 


The Verzuz battle that consistently had 1.1 Million viewers on their toes for three hours had people all around the world, asking, "who won?" Well, let's break this down. 


The Background 

Brandy and Monica both began their musical careers, hitting the charts before the ages of 16. At first, they were seen as two innocent teenage musical artists, but as the years went on, the world realized that the two were extremely gifted. In 1998, Brandy and Monica sprung to the top of the charts when they released their debut single "That Boy is Mine." Well, whose boy is it? Was the question that sparked minds after their 1998 VMA performance altercation. The two, unfortunately, never directly spoke again for years after that performance. 


The Battle 

Although I was not born in the 90s, I felt that I was living in a throwback to that time during this Verzuz battle. But, a throwback to the 90s was not the only highlight of Monday night's battle. While most tuned in to hear a few hits, others were interested in acquiring the tea on their turbulent relationship. After years of not speaking, the two decided to set the record straight and expressed their respect for each other "I wanted to speak to you face to face." expressed Monica. "The more we were talked about, the more it led it to be difficult, unnecessarily. I admire what you've done musically and what you've also had to endure personally." 


Brandy responded, "I just need you to know I have the utmost love and respect for you as well. No matter the times where it seemed that I didn't." And as the battle continued, many more heartfelt conversations were had.  


The 20 song battle was nothing short of amazing. Brandy prepared a poem honoring many fallen stars, including Chadwick Boseman, Nipsey Hussle, and Kobe and Gianna Bryant. Shortly after, Monica played her hit single "For You I Will" as it is her close friend, Vanessa Bryant's favorite song. 

Not only did Brandy and Monica play their most well-known songs, they also used their platform to encourage their fans to vote. Senator Kamala Harris, Howard University alumna and 2020 vice-presidential candidate facetimed the two artists and encouraged all of their fans to vote. In addition to that, 100% of the proceeds from the Brandy' Verzuz' Monica t-shirt Merch will go to "When We All Vote," Michelle Obama's nonprofit organization with the mission of increasing voter turnout. 


The Verdict 

Women in music are always being thrown against each other and compared to one another, so it saddened Brandy's fans and Monica's doves (fans) to see that they were no longer friends. "I was never fond of the idea of us constantly being put up against each other because you can like both. That's what makes the song great." Monica told ET. We all hoped that Monica and Brandy would eventually put their differences aside and put a show on for us again. Fortunately, on August 31, the two came together to do just that.

"Don't pick a winner." Monica said. Although Versus battles are meant for the viewers to decide on a winner, now is the time for everyone to stick together and show unity. 


The 6 million+ viewed battle between Brandy and Monica was something that I thoroughly enjoyed. I must say that they are both legends who both have their own styles. Legends just can't be compared. I am going to have to stay neutral and say that the battle was a tie. #teambrandica for the win!

Makailah A. Gause is a sophomore Broadcast Journalism major/ Sports Administration minor from Atlanta, Georgia. She aspires to be a sports or entertainment reporter. Her dream project is to cover the olympics. In addition to being the Chief Editor for Her Campus Howard, Makailah is apart of Spotlight Network, she is a member of the National Association of Black Journalist at Howard University, and runs her own mentorship organization, B.E.S.T. You. During her free-time she enjoys writing, vlogging on her YouTube Channel, doing community service, and spending quality time with her friends and family.
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