What is Bison Buddies? Learn More About Howard's Newest Mentoring Program



Do you like to get involved with your surrounding community? Do you have a passion for working with youth? Whether it’s coaching, mentoring, or tutoring; Bison Buddies has a role for you.

Taylor Ellison, a sophomore marketing major from Houston, Texas, created Bison Buddies as a way for Howard students to extend their passions beyond Howard’s campus. Howard University participants are encouraged to either coach, mentor, or tutor students ranging from the elementary school through the high school level.

What’s Bison Buddies About?

Bison Buddies looks to equip children from varying socioeconomic backgrounds with the tools necessary to succeed both within and outside of school. As previously mentioned, participants can be either mentors, tutors, or coaches. Mentors are required to commit at least one hour for two days of the week, tutors are required only one day for one hour, and coaches have the largest commitment with at least 2 practices a week in addition to games on the weekend.

How is Bison Buddies Different?

Unlike other mentoring programs, Bison Buddies opens up a conversation for participants to involve the children in their own passions. Participants, if willing, are able to conduct their own seminars or classes. For example, participants who have a passion for art are able to conduct an art class for the students.

How Impactful are Howard Students, Really?

Avery Taylor, a buddy/mentor, tries to make her impact by showing the students that successful people look like them. Students eventually began to show Avery that they look forward to her coming every week. Additionally, another student told Taylor Ellison that before meeting her mentor and other Howard Students she didn’t see college in her future. The student went on to say that Bison Buddies inspired her to want to go to college in the future.

Looking to Get Involved?

Bison Buddies is a convenient seven-minute walk from campus at the Rita Bright Family Center. The program is looking for dedicated volunteers who look to have a lasting impact on the students involved in the program. If you’re looking to get involved with Bison Buddies, you can email [email protected] with your name, contact information, and the position you would like to take on. You can also stay connected with the program on their Twitter and Instagram.