Victoria Monét’s Moment

It is Victoria Monét’s moment, and she is not letting it pass her by. Monét is an R&B singer-songwriter from Sacramento, California with an extensive resume. Monét, much like artists Sia and Pharrell, uses her pen to create sounds for other artists. In addition to her most notable contributions to Ariana Grande’s discography including smash hit “thank u, next,” Monét has written acclaimed songs for Fifth Harmony, Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown, T.I., just to name a few. Monét’s songwriting credentials are undisputable, but she wants more than a writing credit.


Outside of her work for other artists, Monét has 4 solo EP’s, and she has opened for Fifth Harmony and Grande on their respective North American tours. Monét’s music is the dreamy, yet powerful kind that is honest about the ups and downs of life including love, heartbreak, self-care, friendships, and success. 


Her most recent release was her sultry single “Moment.” However, because Monét often works behind-the-scenes, her solo endeavors don’t receive as much attention. She has not received the same commercial success as her peers. In an interview with radio host Ebro on Apple Music’s Beats 1 channel Monét says, “I think I’m an underdog as a woman—a black woman at that, and a bisexual woman.”


Monét is a triple threat: singer, writer, and dancer. She showcased her exceptional abilities during her late night television performance of “Moment” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Monét delivers stunning visuals, strong vocals, and impressive choreography during her performance. Her showcase, alongside her aesthetic accompanying music video, have sparked interest in her music online. R&B and pop fans are looking for a fresh face and Monét is stepping into the spotlight. 


Monét was also named Apple Music’s Up Next artist. Monét said her upcoming debut studio album, Jaquar, is inspired by the idea that the jaguar is always present but often goes undetected. She believes that now is her time to make her talents as an artist known. Jaquar is set to be released in 2020.