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by Simone Nixon

Destiny’s Child is by far one of the most well-known female singing groups of all-time. Starting out in Houston, Texas, the three vocalists, Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle made a name for themselves in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. With millions of records sold and jumpstarting the careers of legendary artists, DC’s influence on music and the world in itself is undeniable. Musically, the signature style of Destiny’s Child has long been one of their most valuable assets. With water-tight harmonies and powerful runs, Destiny’s Child created a sound signature to themselves and inspired by gospel legends, such as the Clark Sisters. With their background in the church coupled with their Rn’B and hip-hop influences, Destiny’s Child bridged that gap between the church and the state of popular Black culture.

Another aspect of DC’s style that deserves recognition is their fashion ensembles. With the glitter, animal print, ruffles, and frills, Destiny’s Child helped set the trend on what was in style in the 2000’s. Having costumes designed by Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Destiny’s Child always stepped onto the stage dressed to impress with outfits that no other artist could pull off. Creating classic concepts in music videos, from color blocking in “Say My Name” to tattered chic in “Survivor”, Destiny’s Child set the scene for fashion and style in the 2000’s. 

One of the most entertaining characteristics of Destiny’s Child was that they were entertaining in themselves. With detailed and intense choreography, DC made sure to put on a show during each and every single one of their performances. On top of this, the group was incredibly cohesive, with each member playing a significant role in each song and dance. High energy and animated performances was a signature of Destiny’s Child, and their influence can be seen in artists today like Chloë Bailey and Normani. 

Last, but not least, is the effect Destiny’s Child had on the entire world by launching the career of many talented artists. Beyoncé, aka Queen Bey, has since become a legend in the industry and known as a world-class, multi-talented force of nature. Kelly, has become early 2000’s legend with her song “Dilemma” with Nelly, and has also made strides in her acting career. Michelle has made a name for herself in gospel by releasing award-winning albums and being an advocate for mental health awareness. Destiny’s Child has without a doubt made a long-lasting impact on the industry through their musical style, fashion, and passion for performance. As Gen-Z, being products of Destiny’s Child, it’s time that we go out into the world and say our names.

Corinne Dorsey is a freshman journalism major at Howard University. Corinne is currently a freelance writer for theGrio and a contributing writer for The Hilltop, Her Campus, and Teen Graffiti Magazine. Corinne is also a radio show host for “Hard to Swallow” on WHBC 96.3. In Corinne’s free-time she enjoys spending time with friends, trying new foods, reading the latest magazine issues, exploring the city, and improving her photography skills. Post Graduation, Corinne plans to work in the media as a multimedia journalist for a magazine or TV network. Digital Portfolio: https://corinnedorsey.journoportfolio.com/
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