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Spring break 101

The second semester is in full swing and now is the time to start getting excited for spring break. Whether you’re going to the beach, somewhere tropical, or staying home, spring break is the time to take advantage of your free time and enjoy being on vacation. Spring break is definitely what you make it, either you can go out and have fun or just let that week to yourself fly by. Regardless of what your preference may be, spring break is right around the corner and it’s important to be prepared. Here is your spring break survival guide for 2020.


1. Find Ways to Save Money

We all know that being in college can really make you stretch your money. Not everyone has the capability of spending a lot of money on a trip to Florida. So with that being said, it’s important to find ways to save as much money as possible. When booking flights, try looking for tickets that offer you a discount if you have frequent flyers points. Also, use Groupon when you’re looking for things to do during the week.


2. Go With A Group of Friends

Spring break is best spent when you’re with your friends. Going with a group of friends is a surefire way to enjoy your spring break. If there are other people from your school who are going to be in the same city as you hang out with them. You might just end up leaving with more friends than you came with.


3. Be Vigilant

Vacationing is all fun and games, but at the end of the day it’s essential that you keep yourself and your girls safe. Spring break is notorious for having things go wrong, so make sure that you’re safe by knowing how to defend yourself, carrying pepper spray, and having emergency contact numbers in your phone. When going out leave with the same group of people you came with, never leave anyone by themselves.


4. Have Fun

Last, but not least, the most important thing to remember for spring break is to have fun. This is a one week vacation free of schoolwork, so enjoy your time off because once you get back finals are going to be right around the corner. Spring break marks the beginning of summer, so enjoy yourself and all that you’ve accomplished this past school year. Take some time off to relax and be at ease, you deserve it. No matter where you are going in the world, keep everything from this spring break survival guide in your mind and have a good time!



Simone Nixon is a junior biology major, chemistry minor from Maryland. She enjoys telling the stories of the world around her and hearing the stories of others. She plans to pursue a career in the dental field.
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