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My 5 Favorite Masks from Black-Owned Companies

In a time where social distancing and mask-wearing is the new norm, people have found creative ways to turn these tragic events into brilliant ways to express individuality and build up the community. And now that the Black Lives Matter movement’s popularity has soared as a result of the recent protests for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, among others, Black businesses have been soaring as well. From Black-owned restaurants to Black-owned clothing stores, people have been showing out and supporting Black-owned businesses across the country. 

Why is it important you may ask? Because supporting Black businesses is supporting Black people and the next generation of Black workers, activists, and leaders. So many times, we spend our hard-earned money on corporations that don’t care about us until it’s Black History Month or another life is tragically lost. Investing in Black-owned business is essentially investing into Black owners who have children and want their children to have what they didn’t. It’s investing into the community. It’s investing in yourself, because when one Black person wins, we all win.

So why not go out and win with a Black-owned mask on? 

Since many of us live in cities where masks are mandatory when going out, why not take the extra step to look great in a mask from a Black-owned business? Below are my favorites. 


Taylor Jay Collection

My favorite thing about Taylor Jay Collection: It’s inexpensive and made from repurposed cotton.

Price Range: $11


Shukuru Couture

My favorite thing about Shukuru Culture: The designs are like no designs I’ve seen before; you’re sure to stand out these masks.

Price Range: $15-$35


Saint Ola

My favorite thing about Saint Ola: She sells nude face masks that look amazing on brown skin.

Price Range: $4-$35


Charnae & Co. LLC

My favorite thing about Charnae & Co. LLC: The owner is a fellow Bison! #HU24

Price Range: $8 or $21 for 3 Masks


S. Denton Collection

My favorite thing about the S. Denton Collection: Along with glamorous, sequined masks, the owner also sells turbans equally as glamorous. 

Price Range: $8 or $21 for 3 Masks


Makenna is a nineteen-year-old writer and a sophomore at Howard University. Hailing from small town Arkansas, Underwood has dreams beyond her home. She enjoys writing about fashion, culture, and politics and hopes to pursue it beyond college. Outside of Her Campus, Makenna runs a college blog called Makenna's Meditation and is a staff reporter for The Hilltop. She hopes to have an impact at Her Campus and can't wait to build the next generation of independent young women.
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