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Memory Lane:Exploring Top R&B Songs From The 90’s

       As soon as an old R&B song from the 90’s starts playing, everyone starts vibing, singing to the top of their lungs with pure joy and passion. More times than not, it’s not the old-timers singing the songs; even Generation Z sings songs that were produced way before their birthdate. It’s something about 90’s R&B music that settles the soul, enlightens the heart, and gives a feeling that no other song can. 

        I have found that I enjoy 90’s R&B music more than I do new music (yes, I’m an old-soul). The songs have more pure meaning, intent, and description of love. I absolutely love playing SWV, Aaliyah, or Brandy — their songs make me feel so happy! 

         Scrolling through 90’s songs on my phone, I was able to gather my top five favorites! I suggest these songs to any ladies that want to feel some nostalgia, comfort, and pure vibes! 

  1. SWV — I’m So In Love

 This has to be my favorite R&B song ever! From the beats, to the harmony, to the lyrics — this song is definitely top tier. Every time I play it, my desire to get married grows even more! 

  1. Erykah Badu — Next Lifetime

Erykah Badu is describing that her affections for a guy is not enough to include him into a long-term love story in this lifetime. As she continues to sing, “I guess I’ll see you next lifetime,” I believe this song can relate to a lot of women; sometimes, a person that is admired still can’t be merged into a life-time relationship. Although I’m not sure if I have felt this way, I definitely play this song a lot, as I enjoy the meaning and vibe of the song. 

  1. Aaliyah — Four Page Letter 

This song makes me journey back to middle-school, where I believe having a crush on someone began to be a big thing. In our naive, innocent minds, we could see ourselves with the guy we liked forever— creating a perfect love story. These songs bring nostalgia to the time of “kid love.”

  1.  Brandy — I Wanna Be Down

Because if you don’t know this song by Brandy, what song do you know by her? I’m sure all Brandy fans enjoy this song! It’s a popular classic, but still can never get old! 

  1. Lauryn Hill — Nothing Even Matters 

This song is so pure! I enjoy the meaning of this song, as it causes us to be reminded to be present with the one we love, to appreciate their presence, and to soak all of who they are in. 

90’s R&B music will always have a vibe for me! I appreciate the meanings and flow of the songs during that era! Next time, when you’re getting ready to go out with your friends or even cooking something to eat, put on some old R&B and vibe!

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