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Meet Halle Deneen!

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Classification: Junior (’17)

Community Involvement: I am HUGE on giving back to the community. Not only do I involve myself in community service programs and initiatives such as serving food at homeless shelter, reading books and mentoring children, but I also started my own community service initiative. Last winter, my mom and I bough coats, hats, gloves, canned goods, water, tooth brushes and toothpaste and other other grooming necessities and delivered them to the homeless people on the cold streets of Baltimore City for Christmas. Furthermore, we visited a children’s homeless shelter and donated toys, books, and clothes. We also spent a day mentoring and reading to them. I will continue to pursue this initiative each winter. I also plan on expanding it each year through more community involvement.  

Interesting Facts: I use to dance! I started at the age of 5 and I did ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, contemporary and even pointe!

What initially made you interested in modeling? 

I started pursuing modeling at a very young age and at the time it was the “in” thing in Baltimore. All of my friends at the time were doing it so I said to myself “let me try it and see how it goes” however, I did not take it serious. It was just a hobby. I loved taking pictures. After a while, when almost everyone stopped, but I kept going. I kept going and I didn’t stop until I accomplished my dream of getting signed, published and national.

What challenges if any have you faced in the modeling world?

Some challenges that I faced were being cyber bullied. When I was in high school, I was cyber bullied. I was made fun of on Facebook. My picture received so many negative comments. Everyone that commented said that I would never make it as a plus size model because of my weight. This was a very big obstacle in my life because it Occurred when I was younger and I didn’t really have that much support. Also a lot of photographers refused to work with me at the time because of my weight. This effected my portfolio building. In addition, breaking into the industry as a plus size model. I struggled with trying to get noticed by the right people. 

How have you overcome the adversities you have faced? 

Although I did get discourage, I took some time to re-evaluate myself. I had to think about my dreams. I had to think about the people I wished to inspire. I had to think about the brand I wanted to build. After that, I created a plan and steps that I would need to accomplish my goals. I also took some time to build my confidence back up. As soon as I got my confidence it was game on. Nothing could stop me. 

What are some ways you do/ plan to help those who may have troubles breaking into the plus sized modeling world? And even for plus sized women in general?

Well, I’m ALWAYS open to talking to my supporters. Every time one of my supporters asks for advice or tips on ANYTHING.. I make it my duty to offer them advice at my earliest convenience. I also opened a “talk to me” section on my website (www.halledeneen.com) to respond to aspiring models or anyone who needs advice about modeling, building confidence, etc. in the future, I wish to offer workshops and sessions for aspiring models, current models, etc. to break into the industry and continue to advance.

What has been your favorite shoot/ project thus far?

Honestly, I don’t have a favorite.. I know you’re thinking like one of them has to stand out , but I would be naming shoots all day. Lol each shoot is FUN! I learn more and more about myself each shoot and all of the concepts are unique. 





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