Meet Arabella Okwara, Class of 2017!

Name: Arabella Okwara

Hometown: East Providence, Rhode Island

Major: Political Science

Class: Junior

IG: @arabella.okw

Relationship Status: Single

Why are you running for HUSA Senate?

I am running for HUSA Senate because I believe that at Howard, as at any institution, the student’s needs should come first. As a HUSA Senate Representative for the College of Arts & Sciences, I plan to listen directly to the needs of the students and put forth legislation that addresses these needs. I feel that working with a legislative body of bright-minded students who represent the different Colleges at Howard is a great way to enact viable change.

Where is your favorite place in DC?

My favorite place in DC (other than Howard) would have to be the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. My mother is a History teacher, and also attended university in DC, so I have fond memories of visiting every Summer and always making time for a trip to the American History Museum. However, I have a feeling that once the National Museum of African American History & Culture opens up, that will be my new favorite!

What’s on your Howard Bucket List before you graduate?

Before I graduate I would really like to say that I enacted change. A goal of mine would be to open the Student Handbook and say to myself, “I pushed for that law to be in place, and here it is.”

Remeber to vote for Arabella Wednesday, October 21 from 8am until 8pm for COAS HUSA Senate via BisonWeb. It is time to ACT!

Thank you Arabella for being this weeks Campus Cutie! You are amazing!