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LA Lakers team owner Jeanie Buss becomes First Female to Win NBA Championship

On October 6th, 2020, the Los Angeles Lakers not only made history by winning the organizations 17th National Championship title, but the organization’s owner became the first female to win an NBA Championship ring. 

Jeanie Buss, president of the Los Angeles Lakers, assumed the role as executive after her late father’s passing in 2013. 

Having large shoes to fill, Jeanie Buss was tasked with making critical decisions in order to get the organization back to what it used to be while under her father’s control (11 NBA titles). 

Struggling for years and enduring a six year playoff hiatus, Buss and the organization found a major breakthrough after defeating the Miami Heat in this year’s  2019-2020 NBA Finals (102-96). 

All of the hard work that Buss put into the restructuring of organization finally came into existence, after Lebron James was able to lead the Lakers to its first title in years. 

With the city of Los Angeles on her back, and the memory of Kobe Bryant at the forefront of her mind, Buss was able to create an unforgettable moment. 

Not only is she President & CEO of the Los Angeles Lakers, but Buss is also the co-owner of a new women’s wrestling organization that debuted in 2019.

She has been able to make advancements in the sport of basketball for women, as well as wrestling.

Becoming the first female owner to win an NBA Championship is a major accomplishment, and is a huge inspiration to all young girls that seek to one day work in sports! 


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