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Keith Lee: Tiktok’s Favorite Food Critic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Howard chapter.

As a Black content creator, it can oftentimes be difficult to have the same success as your white counterparts, and the content has a difficult time reaching a plethora of demographics. Being a Black content creator also offers the challenge of working with brands. Generally, Black creators are not given the same opportunities to work with large brands or are paid a fraction of what their white counterparts are making from the same brands. With this being said, many Black creators take their content into their own hands and produce content that they would like to see.

Keith Lee is a self-proclaimed foodie on TikTok who is a prime example of a Black creator who paved his own way and is paving the way for others. At 18, he moved to Las Vegas from Detroit to pursue his dream to become a professional MMA fighter. 

He expresses that he acquired unhealthy eating habits and an unhealthy relationship with food due to his fighting care. Lee is also very open about the financial struggles that he faced due to the instability that his career brought. As an outlet and a way to have fun, Keith and his family began making TikToks. What started as a fun hobby has quickly turned into content that over 8 million people follow.

Keith Lee creates food reviews of places in Las Vegas. His reviews are honest and aim to help small businesses gain more visibility. He began by making TikToks of his own recipes, but when he realized that his food review videos were popular, he decided to post those more often. 

He uses his platform to highlight businesses that are struggling. With just one food review, Lee is able to impact so many lives and help businesses bring in customers to these small restaurants. 

Although Black creators are often not given the platform to be successful in the content world, it is refreshing to see a Black man use his platform to give back. Lee is humble, genuine, and truly wants everyone to win.

Hello, my name is Aysia Shelley! I am a junior criminology major, legal communications minor from New Baltimore, MI.