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It’s Official: Life-Size 2 is COMING!

Tyra Banks has released the official release date for the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic, Life-Size. Life-Size 2 will premiere December 2nd on Freeform. The sequel is meant to be a Christmas themed play on the beloved character, Eve, played by Banks. The original film, released in 2000, starred Banks alongside bright-eyed child superstar Lindsay Lohan. Lohan apparently won’t be reprising her role in the sequel, but we’re excited to see what Tyra has to offer when revamping her role as Eve!


With the ongoing trend of revamping the TV shows and films we once loved as kids comes the risk of missing the mark and failing to accurately depict our favorite characters. We don’t want watered down versions of the vibrant characters we know and love. Striking the perfect balance between authenticity, nostalgia, and innovation is hard to come by. Fingers crossed that Tyra Banks and the team at Freeform are keeping this in mind as they bring the new film to life. Most importantly, let’s hope for a revamped version of that “Be A Star” song we all loved!

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