IT Girl of the Week: Kayla Waysome

According to Victoria Grimes, former Miss School of Business and current Miss Howard University, “Anyone can be Miss SoB, it’s about having poise, a graceful walk, being able to clearly articulate yourself when asked questions, and most importantly having a platform that relates to the School of Business and can realistically benefit the students.” On September 13, 2017 Victoria passed the crown onto a woman who embodies all of this and far more. She carries herself with an aura of elegance, adorns her words with kindness, and attacks her dreams ferociously. Her name is Kayla Waysome and she is a junior, Computer Information Systems major from Springfield, Virginia. Earlier this week we had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Miss Kayla Waysome, your new Miss School of Business.

1. What is your platform as Miss School of Business?

My belief that no beauty shines brighter than that of a kind and grateful heart has led to the creation of my platform, E.M.P.I.R.E. State of Mind; Encouraging Mentorship and Public Service while Influencing the Rebirth of an Empowered State of Mind. Overall, my platform seeks to empower students in the School of Business to find what their passions are through service. Being in the School of Business for three years now, I've noticed that there are so many students who have a desire to bring about real change in our society whether it be addressing unequal education access, homelessness, or prison-pipeline, but have hard time figuring out how to take the skills they are learning in the School of Business to be/create that change. My platform aims to helps student identify areas of passion, create a network of service oriented students and expose students to career opportunities in public/social sector.

2. What programs can we expect to see from you and Mr.SOB?

Programs ranging from Branding Workshops, "He said/She said" panels, Service Saturdays and more! We are so excited to really engage with the student body. We want our programs/events to really be a relaxed and comfortable environment to learn, network, have fun, and leave inspired!

3. You previously served as Miss Virginia Teen 2015, how did that experience prepare you for the SOB Pageant?[1] 

It definitely prepared me to have a greater understanding of who I am as a young woman. Competing with over 100 girls at a time definitely teaches you the importance of valuing your true self, while being ready to support and cheer on other young women as they work to do the same. I think to compete in the School of Business Pageant you need to have a true grasp on who you are as an individual and sell that, because ultimately you are going to represent a school with some of the most confident, driven, and ambitious students Howard University has to offer.

4. What was your initial inspiration for doing pageants in the first place?

Honestly, my mom. I got recommended to do a pageant and my mom just encouraged me to try it out, and I went for it

5. What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from competing in pageants?

So many! But if I could sum them up they'd be:

1. Know your purpose - In all that you do, know WHY you're doing it. Life is too short to pursue things without actually having a passion and purpose for doing it.

2. Be someone else's cheerleader - As ambitious people, we can get so caught up in chasing our goals and dreams that we forget about the people next to us chasing theirs as well. Don't get so busy that you neglect to get to know other's as they climb as well, because often times you can make amazing friendships along the way.

3. In positions of leadership and responsibility, never shy away from being an advocate. Self-explanatory.

4. Always say thank you - We never get to any position of success by ourselves, take actual time to say thank you to those who support and help you along the way.

6. How do you plan to make an impact as Miss SOB?

 As Miss School of Business, I hope to not only be a student leader who leads by example with my platform, but also someone the students in the School of Business can really look to to be their friend, advocate, and cheerleader when they most need me to be. If I inspire just one student to dream bigger, love deeper, and persist in times when they feel like they can't... I will have made my impact as Miss School of Business 2017-2018.

7. What other things are you involved with on campus?

I’m the 1st Vice President of Alpha Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., I'm a mentor in the Freshman Leadership Academy, and Junior Class Representative of the School of Business Executive Leadership Honors Program.

8. If you could give any advice to your freshman self what would it be?

"Do your best, and let God handle the rest." My mom use to tell this to me all the time as a high-schooler but I never really took it to hear till recently. Honestly, as a freshman I put a lot of pressure on myself (some good and some bad) but in the grand scheme of things, stressing is never worth it. Just put your best foot forward in all that you do, and what is meant for you, will never pass you.

9. As a woman who does many things what keeps you motivated and inspired?

Remembering where I came from and the purpose I have for my life!

10. What’s next for you Kayla?

Let’s see there’s so  much… there’s competing at Miss Howard, graduating, securing a full time job at a consulting firm and maybe going off to graduate school. All while enjoying the ride, and taking each day step by step!


It is hard to not feel energized when getting a small peek of what it’s like in the eventful life of Kayla Waysome. There is no denying that Kayla is shining bright at Howard and we at Her Campus wish her the best on her journey of chasing her dreams.