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Interview Fatou! The Author, Blogger and World Traveller

By: Lafayette Batts

Meet Fatou Sow. She is a Junior legal communications major, Africana studies minor, from Detroit, Michigan. She enjoys reading, but likes to be challenged with her book choices as well. Over the winter break, she had some self-reflecting time and caught up on reading. Coming into her golden years, she has learned a lot about herself and decided to try something new and start a blog.


Can you tell us about your blog?

Twentyplustou is a personal blog that covers an array of topics such as expression, travel experiences, African culture, and so much more. My current series: Black Girls Abroad: A Travel Series, features black girls who are studying abroad in a foreign country.  I stressed the importance of studying abroad, especially for black girls, to encourage others to step out their comfort zones and immerse themselves in a new culture.


What made you finally want to start writing your first book?

My travel experience to Senegal is what inspired me to write my first book. I felt like I got to see a culture I grew up in, but never experienced. In Senegal, I journaled most of the days I was there. I met my grandfather and siblings for the first time.


You have an upcoming book you have been working on, what is it about?

I feel as though my story is very unique. This book can be a gateway to girls for them to tell their story, and don’t be afraid to say it. I plan to have it ready by April.


What books are you currently reading and recommend for others?

I  recommend for anyone who is traveling and about Africa/Ghana to read All God’s Children by  Maya Angelou. I am currently reading The Color Complex by Kathy Russell. I also recommend The Alchemist by Aleph Pablo.


What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I have already accomplished being the #BisonWrite scholar where my story “The Re-birth of the Mecca” was published in an anthology with other works. My main goal is to be that person who is not afraid to tell their story. I want to create creative stories, have my book published, and have a successful book club in Detroit and the Washington, D.C. community.

Images Courtesy of Fatou Sow

Hello, my name is Jaclyn Lafayette Batts. I am a senior Biology major Chemistry minor from Northern Virginia. I enjoy  creating articles to enlighten and empower the Black community. I aim towards acting as a conduit of communication to my community through my articles.
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