The Importance of Being Uncomfortable

Many of us, whether we like to admit it or not, have a period in life when we become unmotivated, uninspired, and at times, completely unhappy. It may seem like our lives become stagnant and we become complacent with where we are even though that is not where we want to be. We watch videos of millionaires giving tips on YouTube, we read as many self-help books and articles as we can find, and we gawk at our friends on the internet as they post their accomplishments. While we are doing this, we forget that there is something important about the process of being uncomfortable in life, and that if we actively engage with it and push through—it can create discipline and consistency.


As a junior in college now, I find that I am in the prime of my matriculation. It is time for me to begin to find internships, research programs, and to make sure that both my GPA and resume are impeccable. During this time I am finding myself having  to balance exercise, mental health, working part-time, and also being a part of many organizations on campus. Many days I go to my room and become so overwhelmed with what is going on in my life I proceed to go to my bed and sleep. I try my best to avoid all of my responsibilities because there seems to be so many of them—I get uncomfortable.  However, through these trying weeks I have taken the time to reflect and I realize that being uncomfortable is a part of developing, growing, and advancing. There is no millionaire or friend of mine on Instagram who experienced success—without experiencing the process that came with it.


I found that the most important thing that being uncomfortable will teach you is that in order to continue life, to continue at obtaining happiness and success, you must have goals and a plan. Both long-term and short term goals must be established. Without knowing what you want, how can you obtain it?


Secondly, once these goals are established, you must have consistent action. What is consistent action? Making sure that you are forming together methods and strategies that specifically focus on the goals you have set for yourself and making sure you practice them day in and day out. If I want to become a better student, that requires taking better notes. By taking notes every day in each of my classes I am putting forth consistent action that leads me to my goal.


The third and final thing that being uncomfortable taught me is that the win we are seeking does not come overnight. So you’ve realized your uncomfortable, you’ve set goals, you’ve started practicing consistent actions, but it’s been two weeks and you’re seeing no results yet… this is when both discipline and the “consistent” in consistent action become necessary. By actively making the decision every day to choose you, to choose your happiness and your dreams over bad habits and unhealthy skills, you develop discipline. You gain this mindset that you’re so willing to push yourself that nothing can hold you back, nothing can stop you until you get your results. This is when comfort loses. This is how you step back into your true self.


As the weeks have passed now and I have had the chance to reflect over how I will step out of my comfort zone and step into purpose and discipline, I realized this is a part of my process. The results will come, because they are already destined for me. The internships, the resume, the GPA—by choosing to be the best version of myself and implement plans that reflect what I want to see in my academic life, I’ve already earned those things. Now, I simply have to continue to choose it. I have to wake up every day and make sure that although I am uncomfortable, that I know that I am changing. Growth is the root of success and by realizing that our current state of comfort is planting our future to blossom into who we are truly meant to be, I believe it allows us to breathe, focus, and trust the process.