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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Howard chapter.

Campaign season on campus brings about a whirlwind of energy and emotions. From the fresh spring air to sunny days that are perfect for tabling sessions, it is the one time of year when you get to learn about some of the highly ambitious students in your school. 

I enjoy campaign season as it allows students to express their creativity while also giving me an excuse to harbor a snack between classes. Yet, amidst the enthusiasm arises a concerning issue: the clutter that litters our campus. 

As Howard University students gear up for student government elections, the campus transforms into a canvas for campaign messages. Candidates use posters, videos, and other various resources to gain student attention. 

Though we live in a digital era, in-person campaigning is still needed for one to get their message across. A lot of students opt to give out business cards or posters to inform others of their mission. 

However, what begins as a means of communication often ends up as unwanted debris. 

Reflecting on my own experiences, I recall my earliest campus memory of walking through the Valley and being confused about a campaign poster taped to a light post. 

This semester, as I walked through the Yard, I noticed a substantial amount of discarded paper on the ground but as I examined them closer, it became apparent that these weren’t just random papers but campaign flyers lying around and disrupting the greenery.

The question arises: how do these flyers end up scattered across the yard? While flyers, posters, or cards can be a great option to leave a sentiment with those passing by, their fate is often overlooked. 

Unfortunately, as we are seeing, people don’t always care to take these flyers with them, leaving them discarded across campus. This observation does not apply to all students at the university, however, it still says a lot about us and what we allow on campus. 

Campaign season which officially began on March 11 and concluded on April 5, saw over 82 undergraduate positions filled. With such a high level of engagement, we as a community must take responsibility for our campus’s cleanliness. 

Regardless of individual interests in the campaigns, we all share a duty to uphold the integrity of our campus environment. Whether through proper disposal of campaign materials or simply keeping our surroundings clean, we shape the image of our community. 

As more people come to visit our school for various reasons, it’s important that we play our part in showing others that we respect and love our campus.  

As we navigate through campaign seasons and beyond, let’s remember the importance of respecting our campus and those who strive to lead us. By taking small steps towards maintaining cleanliness, we not only enhance the appeal of our campus but also demonstrate our collective commitment to its well-being.

Morghan Langston is a sophomore Journalism major, Women's Gender and Sexualities Studies minor, at Howard University. She has a deep interest in entertainment and media and is learning to navigate skills for these fields through writing for Her Campus and Cover2Cover magazine. She also continues to practice these skills through her various social media engagements. Outside of school, she enjoys writing poetry, reading, baking, going to the movies, fashion, and spending quality time with friends and family.