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How to Get in the Fall Spirit During a Pandemic

By: Myracle Miller

Fall is arguably one of the most versatile seasons. From the change in the leaves, to the not too cold but not too hot weather, and the cozy nights, it encapsulates the beautiful change of seasons in front of us, not to mention the myriad of festivities fall brings us as well. Although these festivities are limited due to the Coronavirus, here are a few ways to get in the spirit of fall: 

  • STARBUCKS – Stop by your local Starbucks to check out the extensive menu of fall drinks they have to offer, from the not-so-new Pumpkin Spiced Latte, to the new Apple Crisp Macchiato. They never fail to keep the spirit of fall alive with the tasty classics and innovations. 
  • SPICE IT UP: WARDROBE – During the fall, you can expect to see your favorite stores load up their inventory with themes related to this time of year by transitioning from the pastels colors of summer to dark orange, cream colors, and brown. It is easily one of the best ways to get you in the spirit of the holidays. Consider adding a few fall staple pieces to your wardrobes, such as a flannel, leather boots, and scarves. 
  • LET’S GET FESTIVE Halloween and Thanksgiving are a few of the best holidays of the year, and the festivities of each are versatile. For example, the haunted houses, pumpkin patches, new and old scary movies, and delicious home-cooked food that is so rare to college students; additionally, we get a couple of days off from the high demand of school. Now is a great time to research all the fall events in your area that are COVID-19 safe. 
  • DECORATIONS – Adding a few festive pieces to your home can truly get you into the spirit of fall. Although some of us college students cannot afford to fully decorate our homes, buying inexpensive decor such as pumpkins can make all the difference. Even making your own from scratch would be a great activity to get your creative juices flowing. Pinterest is always my go-to place for inspiration, so be sure to check it out if you need ideas.
  • PUMPKIN INFUSED EVERYTHING – Trader Joe’s becomes the talk of the season when it comes to pumpkin-infused food. They carry items such as their infamous pumpkin bread mix, pumpkin spice bagels, maple-flavored kettle corn, and even pumpkin body butter– which smells amazing, by the way. They are the place to go if you want to get in the fall spirit. With a wide variety of pumpkin-inspired goodies, autumn-lovers won’t be able to get enough.

Before you know it, the snow will be falling and the winter will be taking over, so it will be nearly impossible to enjoy the festivities. This is why you need to take advantage of fall before it’s long gone. When something only comes once a year, and it’s crunched between summer and winter, you know it’s something special.

Corinne Dorsey is a freshman journalism major at Howard University. Corinne is currently a freelance writer for theGrio and a contributing writer for The Hilltop, Her Campus, and Teen Graffiti Magazine. Corinne is also a radio show host for “Hard to Swallow” on WHBC 96.3. In Corinne’s free-time she enjoys spending time with friends, trying new foods, reading the latest magazine issues, exploring the city, and improving her photography skills. Post Graduation, Corinne plans to work in the media as a multimedia journalist for a magazine or TV network. Digital Portfolio: https://corinnedorsey.journoportfolio.com/
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