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How to de-stress through art

Recently, I became interested in exploring different ways to use art to help with my anxiety. After my friend and I explored a pottery/paint shop, I realized that it was a hobby that I enjoyed. I would not call myself an artist or tell someone that doing art requires natural talent. I will, however, say that if you are open to new things and enjoy art, then using art to de-stress is something that I would encourage anyone to pursue. A great way to practice your art skills are coloring books for adults, paint-by numbers, or painting different objects.

It may sound a little childish, but coloring books for adults can be the best stress reliever after a long day of work or school. Coloring books for adults are available on Amazon or you can find them at your nearest Walmart or Target. It can improve motor skills and vision, sleep, focus, and a variety of other skills.

A form of art that I discovered over the holidays was painting by numbers for adults. I always assumed that this activity was solely made for children and that adults had to learn to make art from their imagination, instead of having a guide. Painting by numbers for adults is not as easy as it seems because it is very detailed and time-intensive, but visually interesting when it is done. If you want to do something even more simple than that, painting at a professional place is worth the time and money spent. All you have to do if paint an object of your choice, then create whatever your heart desires.


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