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How Covid-19 Affected My Summer

The summer was an emotional rollercoaster ride. As Covid-19 disrupted the usual summer fun, the pandemic summer was different from previous years. Now, that doesn’t mean summer 2020 was a let down completely. When the governor of Hawaii issued a stay at home order for the safety of others, I thought my summer staycation would be a disappointment. However, I decided to broaden my outlook and pick up new hobbies that were just as nice as my traditional summer vacation plans.


I  was looking forward to coming home from college because there are so many unique activities to do in Hawaii. I had an ultimate bucket list ranging from zip lining to scuba diving. Summer gave me an opportunity to hang out with friends, earn money, and relax before going back to school. Due to Covid, I had to adjust and figure out what I could do to stay motivated. Here are a few ways I decided to revamp my summer activities while keeping my family and community safe.


Picked up a Few New Books

Although the pandemic resulted in a loss of activities to participate in, I decided to purchase a few books I’d been interested in but never had the time to complete. I read The Poet X  by Elizabeth Acevedo and everyone’s favorite, Go Tell it on The Mountain by James Baldwin. As I finished reading the books, I decided to read books from different genres, such as romance and fantasy. It was a great way to put my electronics down and not scroll through endless news feeds. Having the space and time to enjoy great books was needed.


Planted My Own Garden

 Hawaii is home to beautiful botanical gardens. I wanted to be engulfed by lush greenery and sweet tropical blossoms. Unfortunately, the state had other plans; they closed the garden parks. My solution was simple, I planted my own garden in my backyard. I planted a vegetable garden with cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, and other healthy vegetables. It was super easy to maintain thanks to the beautiful weather and sunshine on the island. It was a super convenient activity to do since its calming and healthy outdoor activity.


Bought a New Bike 

As gyms and parks were closing, I wanted to support my physical and mental health during the pandemic. I decided to go bike riding through my neighborhood for exercise, fresh air, and social interaction from afar. Bicycling is a great way to social distance, exercise, and not contribute to the spread. 


Volunteered at a Foodbank

Due to these unprecedented times, families and individuals are suffering from food scarcity. I was eager to find a way to give back, so I decided to volunteer for the Hawaii Foodbank. I had the opportunity to deliver 200 meals of fresh produce to families. I enjoyed this opportunity because I wanted to make an impact during people’s time of need.


Although I didn’t have the chance to snorkel with dolphins, check out volcano sites, or visit scenic waterfalls, there were a plethora of opportunities that kept me busy, healthy, and happy during the summer. We’re all in this together, and as I keep reminding myself, it’s not forever.

In the meantime, what adjustments have you made during the summer pandemic?

Leilani Flint is a sophomore, Journalism major, International Affairs and History double minor from Oahu, Hawai'i. She is a hard working college student at Howard University in Washington, DC.
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