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The Hot Girl Guide to Finances

Sassy, boujee, ratchet. Being a hot girl is more than a lifestyle, it’s a state of mind. Today’s young women are the epitome of what it means to be a hot girl. From getting our degrees, to taking care of business, and being our true authentic selves; We know what it means to hustle. However, with the craziness that is happening in 2020, it may seem as if we’ve lost control of many things. One of those many things, includes our finances. With the economic and political climate we’re living in today, it’s important to put together a plan on how we save and spend our money. 


If you’re ready to be a hot girl running to the bank like a tomb raider, take notes as you read this hot girl guide to finances.

Planned and Poppin’

One of the best ways to ensure your financial success is to create a plan. I know it can be hard to stick to a budget, especially when you see something cute on sale. However, having a financial plan can ultimately make your situation easier to navigate. Put together a list of your monthly income and expenses and determine how to distribute your money. 

Simon Says Save

As college women, we all know the struggle that is going to be knocking at our doors upon graduation. More specifically, student loans. Ms. Sallie Mae does not wait for anybody, so now is the time to save as much as your budget allows you to. Find ways to save more than you spend, for example: Eating in as opposed to eating out and taking advantage of student discounts at various stores and restaurants.

WAP: Workin’ and Paid

College is a job in itself without a doubt, but sometimes it can be nice to have a part-time job on the side. Having your own money is such an important aspect of going into adulthood, so having a job or some source of income can be beneficial to your future. Also, considering the impact COVID-19 has had on our world, take advantage of online opportunities to make money. Start an online business or find jobs that allow you to work from home, whichever you prefer.

Savage: Invest in You and Yourself

Last but not least, make sure to prioritize you and your well-being, especially as we live in a COVID-19 world. Self-care is not selfish in the slightest, so do things that make you happy and help clear your mind. Spend your money on things that make you happy. If you like clothes, go shopping, if you love your nails, go get a full set. 

Being a Hot Girl means to know your worth, have confidence in yourself, and be in charge of your future. Money can have a large influence on our lives so it’s important to keep track of how we use it. Ultimately, know that your money is exactly that--your money. You have the control, so go out there and work on your hot girl finances.

Simone Nixon is a senior biology major, chemistry minor from Maryland. She enjoys telling the stories of the world around her and hearing the stories of others. She plans to pursue a career in dentistry, while also pursuing her interests in lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.
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