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Have You Found Your Campus Niche Yet?



It doesn’t matter whether you’re a freshman, transfer student or even a continuing student, figuring out where you fit in, especially in a new environment, can be really nerve wracking. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are more likely to come to college and shuffle around different friend groups and organizations before they find a perfect fit.

    We’re almost done with the fall semester, so you should have somewhat of an idea of where you want to be situated. If you’re already positive of what your niche is in the Howard community, kudos to you. However, if you’re still floating around a bit or have no clue whatsoever where you belong, then no need to worry because this article is for you. 

    Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just move into a space and miraculously acquire a whole group of friends. Nor do you have a light bulb moment and immediately know you’re meant to be a part of a specific organization. While these tasks do come easily to some, most times they happen gradually and they’re also unique to each individual. So relax and let these encounters and experiences come to you naturally. 

    The main thing you want to make sure you avoid doing is forcing yourself to fit into a certain crowd. Often times, we become so obsessed with the idea of being a part of a certain crowd or being known for a certain thing that we ignore the fact that our true purpose doesn’t align with that vision.

On that note, a big factor in discovering that perfect fit for yourself  is understanding who you are. Simple things such as acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses so that you can surround yourself with individuals who bring out those strengths and help you curb those weak points go a long way. Identifying what you’re truly passionate about so that you can either find organizations that coincide with those ideals or even establishing your own organization to model your vision can you help you on this journey. 

    With all this being said, stop worrying about not establishing yourself quick enough, there’s no time limit on your purpose. Put your true self out there and trust and believe that you’re going to be overwhelmed by the strides you make once you’ve situated yourself in your true purpose. 






Ashley Medley is a Senior, Chemistry Major, Allied Sciences Minor at Howard University. She was born on the island of Jamaica and has lived there for the past 22 years. From an early age, she has been interested in healthcare, specifically disease-related, and this has led to her desire to enter the medical field and pursue Radiology. Ashley is also very passionate about helping others become more self-aware. She hopes to use her writing skills to assist her audience in becoming better versions of themselves.
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