Growing up Caribbean ... Sort Of

Many children have parents that migrated from countries in the Caribbean for better lives for themselves and their families. In the midst of building a better life, many traditions and customs are kept culturally so that the children of these parents know their roots (aka background). However, it can be difficult growing up balancing different cultures and making sure you still have the unique Carribean qualities while staying in the US. 

This, unfortunately, puts first generation kids in a difficult place because we want to know what makes us special when it comes to food, music, clothes, language and more, but when we meet someone who is directly from the country or with a group of people who are first generation, the impression of being “too American” can be applied and insecurities become apparent.

It is important to remember that our parents came here to do things differently and even though we may not experience life exactly the same way, our culture remains nonetheless. So even though we may not know every song, eat every food or understand the language or dialect exactly, it doesn’t take away from our identity.