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Wow! What a summer. Between the COVID-19 outbreak that closed schools and shook the world, the multiple explosions, the unemployment rate being at an all-time high, the countless protests following the murder of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, and many more. It is safe to say that 2020 needs to give us a break! It seems like every time we look up, something else goes wrong, I am honestly ready to throw the whole 2020 away. Amid all of this negativity going on, I had to ask myself what good has come out of 2020. At times like these, it is hard to find the positives; below, I have listed great things that might have been overlooked this year. 


Verzuz Battles Stole Our Hearts 

It is safe to say that the remarkable Verzuz battles have SHUT QUARANTINE DOWN and kept us from going crazy. The Verzuz battles consist of a 20 round outrageous showdown of two producers, singers, or songwriters playing their best songs on Instagram live. Well, who are the judges you ask? The fans, of course! These battles have been a great source of entertainment and have left us glued to our phones! Between the classics of Snoop Dogg and DMX, Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond taking us to church, and the No. 1 ranked Verzuz battle between Jill Scott and Erykah Badu snatching our souls; Verzuz battles are now something that we cannot miss!


Netflix Dropped Some Classics!

Now, I have to admit, Netflix was getting pretty dull for a second. With us locked in the house for months, I was hoping to find some hidden gems to binge on Netflix. Fortunately, on July 29th, @strongblacklead https://twitter.com/strongblacklead/status/1288489544770129920?s=20 announced that Netflix would be dropping classics between August 1st and October 15th! These classics include Moesha, Girlfriends, Half & Half, and Sister Sister just to name a few. With COVID-19 cases still on the rise and most of us remaining in quarantine, It is safe to say these shows will have us glued to our seats for a while!


Pollution Levels Have Significantly Dropped 

Yes, being in quarantine since March has definitely affected everyone's mental health, but the good news is with more people staying in and working from home, the environment has been able to take in a breath of fresh air. The substantial global drop in air pollution can potentially be beneficial to those who have asthma and stop the spread of COVID-19. 


People Are Eating Healthier

Now, at the start of quarantine, being locked in the house for months has been the perfect excuse for us to be lazy and eat junk food all day. As time continued, most have decided to change their lifestyle. Some have found it therapeutic to get into painting, interior design, and meditation. Considerable amounts of people have also created a consistent workout routine and changed their diet by switching to plant-based foods. Plant-based diets not only boost our immune system (which we all need now), but the increase in plant-based diets has also saved millions of animals and will continue to do so.


Yes, it has been tough to find the good amid all the turmoil going on right now, but it is also okay to look at the bright side of things. 


Makailah A. Gause is a sophomore Broadcast Journalism major/ Sports Administration minor from Atlanta, Georgia. She aspires to be a sports or entertainment reporter. Her dream project is to cover the olympics. In addition to being the Chief Editor for Her Campus Howard, Makailah is apart of Spotlight Network, she is a member of the National Association of Black Journalist at Howard University, and runs her own mentorship organization, B.E.S.T. You. During her free-time she enjoys writing, vlogging on her YouTube Channel, doing community service, and spending quality time with her friends and family.
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