Five Crucial Safety Tips to Remember On Your Spring Break Getaway

Spring Break 2018 is approaching!  Cancun?  Miami?  The Caribbean?!  Wherever it is you are planning to go, you want to make sure you have a great time filled with memories, but not being safe can quickly ruin any trip.  To help make sure your vacation is filled with good vibes, here are some important tips to remember when traveling this year:

Source: Twitter user @raaee_

Plan Ahead!

  • Being prepared is a must for wherever you are planning on going.  Remember to tell a few close friends and family the address of where you are staying so people other than those you are traveling with have an idea of where you will be.
  •  Make sure you are aware of the location surrounding the hotel you are staying at, how far is the local police station?  If you are using a rental car, know the closest gas stations and make sure the tank is never close to empty. Knowing the distance of these locations can help prevent the possibility of putting yourself in danger.
  • Remember to always keep your important identification in a safe place and carry it with you at all times.  Have your passport, ID, AAA card, insurance card, etc. in a place you know they will not get lost.
  • Be aware of your spending and make sure you will always have enough money in your account.  Always have some cash on you, but not too much.  Bring an emergency credit card just in case.


Be Aware of Alcohol Consumption!

  • According to recent studies, college women are extremely likely to become victims of violence in situations where heavy alcohol consumption is taking place. 
  • Pace yourself!  Have fun, but remember to drink responsibly because your safety is important and alcohol poisoning isn’t fun for anyone.
  • Never accept drinks from strangers.
  • Make sure you are traveling in a group of at least two or more.


Travel Smart!

  • Always make sure your phone is charged.
  • Never travel anywhere without your wallet.
  • Be aware of the appropriateness of your transportation method.  If the distance to your location is far, do not walk. 
  • Be conscious of the amount of information you are giving to people you don’t know.


Use Protection During Sex!

  • If you choose to have sex, make sure to use protection. Simple.
  • There is a huge possibility of being exposed to sexually transmitted infections and diseases, so make sure you protect yourself and your partner.
  • Bring condoms with you just in case.


Be Careful What You Eat

  • Many statistics reveal that people are more susceptible to getting food poisoning when traveling.
  • Look up reviews of places before you eat there.
  • Be cautious of getting food from street vendors.
  • Know what you are eating.


So don’t forget to pack this list in your carry on!  Remember to be smart and alert at all times, but also ENJOY YOURSELF!  Happy Spring break from Her Campus Howard!