Finding Time for Your Creativity: From the Heart of a Computer Science Major

What do you want to be when you grow up? That was a question we were all asked as kids. I said the typical answers: a ballerina, doctor, lawyer. Truly, back then, I wanted to be like my mother who was a lawyer. However, for my Howard career, I chose the path of software development and web designing.


I always believed in doing what I can to make my mother happy, so I came to Howard to finish what she started because she attended, but she didn’t get to graduate. Now, it’s my Junior year and I’m having doubts on whether I chose the right path. I love to create programs, but I love to express myself through my first love: art and writing, which helped me through depression, grief, and low days. Finding time to write is hard because I’m following the path of a software developer and web designer. Recently, a friend of mine asked me for advice on making time for creativity as a STEM major. Here is what I say: Don’t limit yourself to your career. There's nothing wrong with going to other options. Sometimes, you have to pause and go do what you truly love.