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Cuffing Season Defined

The weather outside is becoming oh so frightful, which makes snuggling indoors with your special cutie even more delightful. Not only is the nerve-wracking winter approaching, but also the infamous “Cuffing Season.”
“Cuffing” is a term created by the young generation, which is defined as two people who form a relationship when the weather gets cold and unpleasant. Having someone to cuddle with indoors is the way to go as young men and women try to formulate easygoing relationships during this time. “Goo-goo eyes” are exchanged, and typical PDA is evident.


Many may say that cuffing season is pointless if the only motive is to have someone for the cold winter season. This initial reasoning may seem pointless, but having that one person who genuinely enjoys your company, gives you their full attention and vice versa, and is able to form some sort of relationship with, has its benefits.
One benefit includes possibly forming a long-term relationship (whether it be a friendship or a romantic relationship) with someone you’ve grown to know quite well. Or, you may just have someone to hang out with to distract you from school’s daily responsibilities. Activities with your cuffing partner include watching movies, making pillow forts, or just pigging out on the ordinary college diet.
Cuffing season is comfortable, satisfying, and has an optimistic feel, if it can make you happy, why not try it?

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