Cardi B and Offset’s Engagement: A Love Story I’m Here For

By: Kaylan Ware

Just one week before their iconic engagement on Power 99’s Powerhouse stage in Philadelphia, PA, rap’s hottest couple Cardi B and Offset broke up. Both made posts on Instagram that reported their split. Cardi B’s Instagram story simply read “Single,” while Offset posted the deuces emoji soon after. Cardi B believed Offset stole her purple blanket that has been seen in her appearances on Love & Hip-Hop and claimed that to be the reason for their breakup.


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According to Billboard, the couple’s relationship began in February of this year. Migos rapper Offset was featured on Cardi B’s song “Lick,” from her album Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2 which is likely when the two first hit it off. They officially met “by chance” in New York City and are now engaged after about nine months of dating.

On Oct. 27, Cardi B received an 8-karat diamond ring from Offset. NYC’s Pristine Jewelers supplied the $550 thousand teardrop-shaped ring just in time for Power 99’s Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia where Cardi B and Offset shared the stage.

Responses to the couple’s engagement range from confusion, stemming from their hour-long breakup to comments admiring the engagement ring that Cardi B can’t help but show off in her social media posts.


Cardi B frequently tweets about her love for God, her man, and his love for her and God. Her Instagram posts mirror this same appreciation. She knows what she wants in a man and seems to truly believe she has found that in Offset.​ Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 2.54.04 PM.png

Despite comments on social media denouncing the authenticity of their relationship, Cardi B continues to stay true to herself and is not ashamed of her relationship or her shared faith.

This is why I love Cardi B. She does not hesitate to make her feelings public. Her comebacks are always spot on, and her support of her now fiancé is undeniably adorable. I am 100% here for this hip-hop love story.