Break the Howard Mold 

The “Howard glo” is a term Howard students often hear and see throughout social media but what does it really mean? Does it refer to that 7pm sunset hitting your face in that selfie you posted on Twitter? That transformation from wearing sweatpants every day in high school to bussing fits every day on the yard? What is this Howard glo that overruns our captions on Twitter and Instagram?  

Many of Howard students are under the impression that the Howard glo pertains to an aesthetic when in reality your appearance is only one factor contributing to your “glo.”Howard is known for its fashionable student body and daily fits seen across the yard. However, everyone is not going to be a fashion mogul and that is okay.  

We are so focused on the physical and material aspect of our “glo” that we often miss the mark completely. Many of us are too busy trying to buss a fit and create a look because we think that’s what we are SUPPOSED to be doing and since it is forced we often look out of place and, to be quite frank, a MESS. Here are 5 tips to stay true to yourself here at the Mecca. 

  1. Bussing a fit/Creating looks is an art and skill that not everyone possesses. Think of it like singing or being able to do calculus. We can’t ALL be good at everything.
  2. It’s better to be graceful in sneakers/flats than knucking and bucking in heels. This isn’t crime mob and your ankles are clearly not ready to fight. Leave the heels at home, sis. 
  3. Your leave out looks left out. If you do not have the time nor patience to deal with your leave out maybe weave is not your thing. We all have our niche in life and there are many styles that can be executed with black hair whether its braids, faux locs, twists or rocking your natural curls there are many options to explore. 
  4. Real friends. If your friends can’t tell you that you look a mess who can? Real friends will tell you when the foundation isn’t matching your neck, the leave out is deplorable and when the fit trash. Surround yourself with them.  
  5. Self-awareness. If you know that you hate wearing heels and beating your face is something you do on occasion or never that is okay. If you wake up early every morning before class and beat your face to the “gawds” that is okay too.  

Glowing and growing is how you achieve this Howard glo that we speak so highly of. The true glo will come from learning from your mistakes and experiences here at the Mecca. We have to realize that The Howard Woman can be embodied in many ways. Whether you are an Erykah Badu, Cardi B, Kamala Harris or a combination of all three, you are still embodying the Howard Woman.