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Black Owned Companies at Howard

Skin Care and Body Care 

If you know me, you know that I love self care. I have a self care night every Sunday to rejuvenate myself before the new school week. Sincerely Mya’s Skincare and Dell’s Temple are great brands to incorporate into your self care night. Sincerely Mya’s Skincare was created by A’mya Price, a sophomore health science major who aspires to become either a dermatologist or a veterinarian. Sincerely Mya’s Skincare currently offers face scrubs that work for all skin types. Dell’s Temple was created by Viktoria Thompson, a sophomore biology major who is studying to become either a pediatrician or an OBGYN. Dell’s Temple currently sells made-to-order body butters, body scrubs, and body oils in several different scents. Check out both of these brands so that you can add it to your self care regimen. 

Hair Care 

I am a lazy natural, so I will have my hair in a protective style about 98% of the time. Wearing weave and wigs is a good way to keep your hair healthy and growing. Kai D’s Kollection is an amazing company to buy hair from. Kai D’s Kollection was created by Kailyn Dunlap, a sophomore nursing major with goals of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. Kai D’s Kollection sells a wide variety of bundles in every origin and hair pattern that you can think of. Check out Kai D’s Kollection for your next protective style. 

Clothing and Accessories 

I am a shopaholic. I love buying cute clothes, shoes, and jewelry. iDare-Ya Beauty and Beauty and Bliss Couture are two boutiques where I love to shop. iDare-Ya Beauty is owned by Daria Paschall, a senior public relations major. Beauty and Bliss Couture is co-owned by Mary Koku, a sophomore nursing major, and Teni Olasimbo, a sophomore computer science major. Both boutiques sell cute trendy clothing and accessories that anybody could rock. Check out these two boutiques next time you want to do some shopping.


I love watching Youtube. Recently, I have only been watching beauty and lifestyle influencers. Mya Guardino and Zakia Tookes are two Howard Youtubers that I love to watch. They are both sophomore television and film majors who post a variety of content. Mya and Zakia post content about hair, makeup, skincare, being a student at Howard, and young adulthood. Check out their Youtube channels if you need some new Youtubers to watch.

I am a sophomore economics major from the Suburbs of Chicago with aspirations of becoming an economist. I am very passionate about advocacy and equal rights for black people, women, and the LGBTQ community and I feel as though Economics is one of the most important ways to advocate for these communities.Some of my hobbies are doing makeup, watching youtube videos, and watching netflix.
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