Bison Brands to Buy

The “Howard Hustle” is a hustle that is unmatched. Students from various backgrounds and cultures come to the Mecca to display not only their academic skills but also their talents and commendable work ethic. From food to clothing and everything in between, the Mecca can be your one-stop shop for almost all of your needs while simultaneously supporting your classmates. Here are a few Bison brands to be on the lookout for:



This fly gal from Philly is a force to reckoned with. Don’t sleep on up-and-coming designer Adrianna Williams. Not only does she preside over her own brand but she also does everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in between, from designing, sewing and shipping, all while attending the illustrious Howard University. Each handmade piece incorporates bold colors, distinctive fabrics, and various geometric designs and patterns to create a unique item every time. For context, think of Lego blocks, different colored shapes and pieces that connect to each other, but make it fashion. Even THE Anna Wintour knows what’s tea with ADW. For updates follow @shopadw on Instagram and Twitter.

Cranium Club

A brand that is for the people, by the people...and by the people I mean young black adolescents who follow their dreams, shoot for the stars, and prefer their clothes just as vibrant and abstract as their personalities. Founded by Michigan native and Howard student, Brandon Kgosi, Cranium Club is sure to take streetwear by storm. Cranium has many classic pieces, such as the pink “C” logo hoodies (box logo who?), that can easily stand alone or be paired with other Cranium pieces. Their clothing is colorful enough to make a statement but not overbearing (as seen with the Stella scarf), creating the effect of the subtle flex. Don’t get it twisted though, Cranium isn’t exactly a no-name brand and has been spotted on London Zhiloh, Lil Uzi Vert, and with the brand’s popularity on the rise, I wouldn’t be surprised if more celebrities have Cranium pieces in their closets. Get in on the action and join the Cranium Club before their clothes become hard to get. For updates and info on releases, follow Cranium Club on Twitter and Instagram.

Devious Sneaks

Want those sneakers that only seem available on Instagram or Pinterest? When it comes to bringing your sneaker dreams to life look no further than Devious Sneaks by Mia Griffiths. This junior puts her personal touch on your favorite pair of shoes, giving a fresh, female perspective to the sneaker game. If your old faithfuls need a little TLC or if you want to add a little more sauce to some new pickups, give Mia a call. Hit her up on Instagram or Twitter.

KenziKashae Cosmetics

Mink lashes are all the rage right now and I understand why. With lash extensions and lash strips that can mimic your natural lash hairs while giving them an extra oomph, I wouldn’t be surprised if mascara became obsolete. Created by Kenzi Whetstone, a sophomore from the Garden State, KenziKashae Cosmetic lashes will have you looking like you just got them done by a professional instantly and under $20. Her lashes come in different lengths and styles to achieve your desired look and are sure to grab attention. The packaging well is put together and very professional showing you that a lot of effort is put into her brand and satisfying her clients. These aren’t to be confused with your average strip lashes….these lashes are from Siberian mink and are very convenient when you want a quick switch. If you’re looking for quality, 100% mink lashes without spending major coin head over to @KenziKashaeBeauty on Instagram.

The Headline

One of my favorite quotes is “heavy is the head that wears the crown” and with that being said why not treat your crown like royalty? Hailing from the Hollywood of the south and hair Mecca, Amara Onwukaeme is dedicated to leaving her mark in the beauty industry and make headlines while doing so. The Headline LLC is not your average hair vendor. The Headline doesn’t just sell quality hair at a great price, it offers quality wig construction as well, setting it apart from other vendors. I don’t know about you but I love having options, especially when it comes to my hair, and with The Headline, you have to option to simply buy bundles, buy a wig, or buy bundles that can be customized to your liking and then made into a wig. So if you were thinking of buying from that other place, don’t. I’m kidding, but keep The Headline in consideration when it comes to your hair needs. Don’t just wear hair, make headlines! For updates be sure to follow The Headline on Twitter and Instagram.

Lead Image: Vincent Lee (Vincent the Artist)