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Howard Hall
Howard Hall
Photo by Ashley Johnson

Best of Howard

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Howard chapter.
Howard Hall
Photo by Ashley Johnson

Howard University is rich in history and community. The campus and the surrounding areas are a testament to that, with various food, entertainment, and historical sites that many students and faculty love.

 Here are four stops you should make when visiting Howard University

  1. Sankofa

Sankofa is a black-own bookstore across from Howard’s campus on Georgia Avenue. It’s a staple for Howard’s community that cultivates learning about Afro literature, music, art, and poetry over some coffee. 

Shirikiana and Haile Gerima founded Sankofa in 1998 to remember the past as we navigate the future.  

They host educational events for the community like “Lasting Memories of Brother Malcolm X with A. Peter Bailey & Positive Black Folks in Action,” where they will be celebrating the life of Malcolm X on Feb. 21. 

  1. Armour J. Blackburn Center

In the heart of campus. Armour J. Blackburn Center is home to several organizations, Punchout,  part of the dining services, Blackburn’s cafeteria hall, and much more. 

It is a hub for students to hang out, catch a bite, and get involved. Something is always happening, whether it be a small business event, a seminar, or a party in the basement. Blackburn is always on and popping. 

  1. Howard Hall

Howard Hall is currently the oldest building on Howard University’s Campus. It belonged to the university founder, General Oliver Otis Howard, and was built in 1867, the same year the school was founded. 

It sits at the top of Georgia Avenue and represents the university’s founding.. 

  1. U Street

You did not see Howard if you didn’t see U Street. 

U Street is filled with food, clubs, and bars that light up the D.C. streets every day of the week. Places like Ben’s Next Door, El Ray, and 801 are popular shops for students to grab a bite and hang out.

U Street has been a popular spot for Howard students for generations, making Homecoming a great time to visit. Current students and alumni flood the streets of U Street looking for a good time with people they enjoy. 

Ashley Johnson is a content writer for Howard’s Her Campus chapter. She specializes in campus and culture content but has written about a wide variety of topics. She began working with her campus in 2023. Ashley is a junior journalism major from Broward County, Florida, attending Howard University. Ashley is a content writer for a Howard on-campus magazine, Cover 2 Cover Magazine, and a scriptwriter for Spotlight News Network’s show “Meet the Herd.” She was featured in Cover 2 Cover’s 2022 Homecoming Edition. She has also written for Kaptial Magazine as a columnist, interviewing known figures in the hip-hop community like Mike D’angelo, a D.C. native rapper who uses his platform to give back to his community and educate them on important issues such as gun violence. Outside of her journalist pursuits, Ashley interned for a non-profit anti-bullying, suicide prevention, and youth leadership organization called NVEEE, which stands for Nation Voices for Equality, Education, and Enlightenment. Ashley has worked with the Miami-based organization since 2019. Her other hobbies include reading, crocheting, and watching Law and Order: SVU any spare moment she has. Ashley enjoys listening to music as well. Her favorite artists include SZA, Giveon, and Summer Walker.