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Being Proactive About Holiday Blues

From November to January, we’re expected to be happy, joyous, and expectant of beautiful experiences. We’re expected to go to pumpkin patches with friends and take cute pictures while drinking a pumpkin latté, or go see Christmas lights in our nearby cities with our boos. On New Year’s Eve, are we bringing in the new year right if we don’t have someone to kiss? But, what if someone’s current circumstances are plaguing them so much that they can’t bring themselves to experience such beautiful events?

During the Holiday season, it’s important for us to sympathize with those that feel hopeless, isolated, and disheartened. And, if we find ourselves being one of those people, it’s important for us to be proactive about managing our mental and emotional health; instead of allowing our blues to overtake us, we have to overtake it. Sympathizing with those that may feel the Holiday Blues, here are some tips to be proactive: 

  1. Taking yourself out: I know, I know… taking yourself out while desiring to be amongst others is challenging. But, taking yourself out to your favorite coffee spot, or to a holiday-themed event, allows you to connect with yourself. It allows you to be centered with yourself, appreciate your own presence, and create memories!
  2. Making holiday-themed desserts: Sometimes you fight off the blues with music, other times with desserts. 
  3. Journaling: Allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to fully articulate your emotions during the holiday season. Sometimes we feel strong and proud, and other times we have to be vulnerable. 
  4. Pursue passions: As the holiday season is towards the end of the year, some individuals take this time to vision the passions they desire to take on for the upcoming year. Take some time to begin pursuing passions that will add fulfillment and purpose to your life. 

If you are experiencing the blues, or feel that you will as the holidays approach, it’s best to be proactive and ensure that you are keeping yourself uplifted and empowered. Here is to being proactive, and creating experiences that keep us going.

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Nia Robinson

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I am Nia Robinson — a Strategic Communications student at Howard University. I use writing to outwardly express the deep areas of my soul, convictions, and passions. I am an author of the book, "She Knows: Once Bound, But Now Redeemed To Become," which is an expression of my life experiences that has shaped me to become who God has called me to be while inspiring others to proclaim their God-given identity as well. I am looking forward to adding valuable content to HER Campus for the 2021-2022 school year.
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