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Accomplishments in 2022 Will Look Different For Everyone

Starting businesses, buying cars, and getting into a healthy relationship seem to be the “big goals” young adults seek to achieve. These common desires may attract these individuals due to natural inclinations, but others are attracted to these things due to social media’s impact on our lives. Those goals are great, but what if there are specific goals that an individual should pursue that fit their particular reality, needs, and well-being? External goals are not met for everyone in this particular season; some lives may demand different priorities, such as internal goals that include mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Social media has ingrained some to believe that if they do not purchase the latest car or can’t afford a luxury handbag, they are not accomplishing much — but is that true? Our goals should not be to impress another person or keep up with the norms society has created. Instead, our plans should be made after intense introspection to evaluate what areas we need to improve and, therefore, create accomplishments.

Through introspection, the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes, one may realize what their goals should truly be. That truth should showcase that one must obtain internal and external goals. Though internal goals may not be the most desirable, they are the most beneficial to one’s development. What good would it be to start a business, which is an external goal, if one does not possess the character traits of a business owner? What good would it be to pursue a new relationship if one has not strived to heal from the last? We must understand that our goals may not be “Instagram-worthy” goals — but rather goals that empower our overall well-being. 

Accomplishments will look different for everyone. Amid our differences, one must remain confident in their most significant achievements to their current season. For those that will experience more internal growth than outward accomplishments this year, stay encouraged; you are truly where you need to be, and your growth is setting you up for external success.

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Nia Robinson

Howard '23

I am Nia Robinson — a Strategic Communications student at Howard University. I use writing to outwardly express the deep areas of my soul, convictions, and passions. I am an author of the book, "She Knows: Once Bound, But Now Redeemed To Become," which is an expression of my life experiences that has shaped me to become who God has called me to be while inspiring others to proclaim their God-given identity as well. I am looking forward to adding valuable content to HER Campus for the 2021-2022 school year.
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