5 Tips for the Beginning Traveler

Not everyone has money to blow on a luxurious 5-star vacation to Hawaii, drinking margaritas under a beach pavilion and swimming with dolphins.Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an adventure that would be full of just as many memories. This is a guide of five key travel tips for those running low on funds, or those that just might be a little cheap (no shame in trying to save your coins!)


Tip #1 : Travel in a Group

Not only will traveling in a group ensure that you’ll have more friends to share moments with, but they can help you split the bill! Lodging and transportation costs split between four people is a lot more budget friendly than it would be split only two ways.


Tip #2 : Ditch the Hotels

Hotels may be easy to find but they can be pricey and have hidden fees. Switch it up and try websites like Air BnB that lets you rent anywhere from a single room to entire homes for very affordable prices. Air BnB is also very popular across seas!


Tip #3 : Be Flexible

If you can, try and keep multiple travel dates in mind to find the cheapest times to go on your perfect vacation. Even try and plan to travel to your destination in their tourist off-season which will not only be cost friendly but you’ll have the city to yourself without the long lines and crowds.


Tip #4 : Be Open

Don’t limit yourself to high ticket price destinations like Paris, Barcelona, and Italy. Be open to vacationing to more off-the-grid places that have the same great weather, great food, and fun activities. Also, don’t think that a vacation has to be out of the country to be great, there are a lot of hidden gems within the U.S borders that will make you feel like you’re 3,000 miles away!


Tip #5 : Do your Research

Don’t get off a plane in a city and be stuck choosing an expensive activity just because you don’t know what else there is to do! A lot of cost friendly, and even free, activities can be found online beforehand. Doing your research will also help to familiarize yourself with the area so you won’t seem as out of place when you finally touch down.


Pro tip : Soak up your destinations culture because most museums are free!