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5 Songs To Listen To For a Motivational Boost At The Start of the Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Howard chapter.

The start of a new semester can be an exciting time, but it can also be very nerve-racking. Whether you are finally taking that hard class that you dreaded in your major, or you are still adjusting to in-person classes, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. It definitely takes time to get used to a new schedule and classes. I myself am having quite a difficult time starting this semester and getting focused and motivated. I know a lot of college students can relate to how I am feeling right now. So what better way to lift your spirits up than with music? Music has the power to influence your mood, and the right song can definitely help you feel energized and focused. I composed a list of five motivational songs that will help you start the semester strong and secure the grades you rightfully deserve.

  1. NICE” by The Carters

If you need a reminder of how great you are and what you are capable of, then listen to this song right now! Beyoncé and Jay-Z remind us that we can do anything we put our minds to if we work hard for it. 

  1. Just Like Magic” by Ariana Grande

“Just Like Magic” is the perfect manifestation song! Grande’s angelic voice and the uplifting message throughout the song are sure to fill you with positivity. The song really stresses the importance of protecting your energy, surrounding yourself with love, and practicing good habits. 

  1. Do It” by Chloe x Halle

This upbeat song always has me dancing and motivated to do anything I set my mind to do. The sister duo Chloe and Halle definitely bring the feel-good vibes with this song that will help you out of your funk. As you watch them “do it”, they encourage you to “do it too.” 

  1.  Movin” by Kiana Ledé

               I love this song because it is the perfect reminder to keep moving forward and to let go of any negativity that is holding you back. Ledé’s lyrics encourage listeners to not be so hard on themselves and to not let minor obstacles discourage or distract them from the greatness that is yet to come. 

  1.  “Django Jane” by Janelle Monáe

This song is very empowering and it inspires me, especially as a Black woman, to be the best version of myself. My favorite line of the song is “Black girl magic, y’all can’t stand it / Y’all can’t ban it, made out like a bandit.” I’m always motivated to tap into my Black girl magic and do amazing things whenever I listen to this song.

Hi, my name is Briana and I am from Philadelphia P.A. I am a senior Biology major with minors in Chemistry and Spanish studying at Howard University. My interests include writing, dancing, and natural hair and skin care.