5 Must Haves for the Typical College Student

There are many essential items that can help every college student on their journey! So, if you’re feeling generous around this time of year, here are some gift ideas to  help students have the most productive and successful school year: 


1. Headphones 


Whether they are wireless bluetooth, or classic headphones with wire, every college student needs a pair. Many students need headphones  as a way to concentrate and stay motivated throughout the process of completing their coursework, and others use them to exercise. Gifting your college student a pair of headphones is the perfect way to show them that you’re thinking about their daily lives! 


2. Speaker


This can come in handy while chilling in their room or out with friends. No matter the location, a waterproof bluetooth speaker is a must. This is especially useful if your student is the type of person that loves blasting music outside, or sharing new music with friends. A speaker is a great way to show your college student that their socialization and community building skills  can be expressed in a multitude of ways in college. 


3. Portable charger 


This is a must have for any college student on the go who uses their phone a lot. This is the perfect gift for a student who does a lot of traveling from classes and meetings. Every student has experienced having a dead battery during the most inconvenient times, so you can be certain that this gift will be used often!


4. Water bottle 


Drinking water and staying hydrated in college is very important and can be overlooked. Making sure your new student drinks water while remaining busy on and off campus is a definite must. 

*Tip: Always remember to drink water in the morning for energy



5. Throw blanket 

While relaxing in your dorm, a blanket is key when you do not necessarily want to get in bed and sleep. A throw blanket is great for those who get cold easily, especially living with roommates who want the thermostat at a cooler temperature. 



College students face many struggles throughout the school year. Gifting them with these essential items is a great way to help support them and make their lives much easier!