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4 ways you can self care

As the semester comes to a close and we prepare to make a list of all our  new year resolutions, keep in mind all of the new ways that you can care for yourself. Here is a list that will help you love on yourself a little bit more for the rest of the year and every day after that. 


1. Be intentional 

Execute the things you want and need to do. This definitely includes your goals, so do things on purpose! One extra step towards your goals can include an additional dosage of self love.



2. Plan

Use your journal and Sketch. Out. Your. Life. Write down everything you want to accomplish. A vision board can make a huge difference in what you want to do and what you will do! Your life is yours! Make the desires of your heart happen by creating steps to get there.



3. Give back

Always pour into the communities that make you and surround you. Self care is not always about catering to yourself,  but rather pouring into others that need support as well. Whether it is volunteering to feed the homeless, reading books to the elderly or playing with kids on a playground, it is always great to cater to others. Trust me, I guarantee that giving back will make you feel well on the inside. 




4. Stay away from toxic environments 

Yes, this is cliche, but seriously stay away from people and environments that do nothing but take away from you. Self care is all about being your true self. Seek  spiritual guidance through yourself and find a space that greets you well.




Remember these four key ideas on your self care days. Remember, self care is not only about pampering yourself with material things. Do things that stimulate your mind and spiritual being. Flourish!


Kayla Cash

Howard '22

Kayla Cash is a senior at Howard University currently majoring in civil engineering. She is from Jacksonville, Florida. She strives to be valuable in any career field ranging from filmmaking and engineering. Kayla Cash is the epitome of a renaissance woman.
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